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Is anyone else sick of apologies?

Asked by smudges (3279points) 1 month ago

It seems like every day in the news I see a headline similar to, “Apologizes for slur”, along with a picture of a celebrity, although they’re often only a celebrity in their field. The latest I’m seeing is Sebastian Lletget, a soccer player who made an anti-gay slur. Newscasters, journalists, golfers, politicians and comics have all apologized publicly for comments they’ve made.

So is it just too hard not to make the comment in the first place, their mouths take over? Or is it a case of saying what you want to say, knowing you can simply say, “sor-r-ry” later?

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No. There are people who WILL NOT apologize for ANYTHING!!
But I am sick of people who always have an excuse.

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Like the term “thoughts and prayers” said by politicians when someone dies in a mass shooting.

Bullshit words.

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Sometimes it is not an apology but, “I’m sorry . . . I got caught !”

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Hollow performative public apologies from celebrities I have grown weary of, yes. I just don’t care.

I still value apologies from people in my life, though.

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No. Apologies have been needed for a long, long time.

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I don’t pay any attention to anything people do or say in the media, because I know it all boils down to a public relations stunt. Designed to promote exposure.
Media exposure, good or bad, is still promotion=advertising=dollars.It’s all just hype.

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No. And I can only hope the apologies are sincere not because they were caught and exposed.

( And I just saw after typing that some jellies were way ahead of me on this one. Lol )

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@smudges I think with the numbers of chips on so many shoulders, t is hard to make a statement without unintentionally offending some one, or group. I am sure this statement is offensive to some. Walking on eggshells by saying almost

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@smudges I sure don’t like apoogies which are not sincere. Sincere being defined as: they won’t continue to mae the same offensive slur.

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Not all apologies, but I’m tired of apologies being politicized and too often being too little too late. Also, being demanded when it was something 20 years ago, and when it’s hypocritical whether they are accepted or not. It’s way overdone. Apologies directly to someone you have harmed is very important, but public apologies are different. Admitting to being wrong about something never gets old though.

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I follow soccer and have no idea who this guy is.

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To be clear, I agree with those of you who said that apologies mean something to you if they’re genuine. I guess what I’m really sick of isn’t the apologies themselves, but that so many people are making comments that call for an apology. I just don’t get the mindset of people who are intolerant toward those who hold different opinions. I do believe that fear is the basis of intolerance, i.e., racism, sexism, chauvinism, homophobia, and yes, even claustrophobia. };o)

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Apologies or excuses? As my Old Pappy used to say, excuses are like assholes. Everybody has one.

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I’m not seeing apologies over trivial things. I’m seeing apologies over serious things like sexual assault.

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@Dutchess_III Yes, sexual assault, homophobia, racism, etc. None of those are trivial.

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