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If you use the Pomodoro method to stay on task, how many units do you accomplish per day?

Asked by LuckyGuy (39275points) 1 month ago

Do you have a chart to keep track? What categories do you use?
I am learning as I go along and so far I have come up with:

My list is different from yours as I am slowly trying to get back to normal after my barn was crushed by a tree and had to be rebuilt. I have stuff everywhere – including in my neighbor’s barn – and it is a bit overwhelming to face it all at once.

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We use a similar method in homeschooling. The students have a short attention span, so we started with 10 minute work/break sessions, but was too short. Since we moved to 30 minute each, plus an assignment sheet with all work listed it works very well. The online curriculum we use also keeps track of the time spent on work, and grades (%) earned.

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I have a small, windup timer that my dad used in the 1970s to keep track of parking meter times when he worked in the city. I did not buy any equipment nor did I use my phone’s timer. In fact my phone wasn’t within hearing range at all so I wouldn’t be interrupted or tempted.

I did a total of 9 units and felt it was a really productive day. I just don’t know if that is a lot or a little. I’ll track it again today and see how I do.

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Sorry @LuckyGuy, with the pandemic and retirement, I’m pretty happy going through at least some days with only being minimally productive. Throughout the week, I get done what I need to get done but for me, Pomodoro is a brand of boxed tomatoes!

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I’d never heard of it but googled it and it’s interesting. It makes sense. I tend to be less productive than more productive, so it might work for me if I get inspired to employ it. Usually I procrastinate and then get bursts of energy where I will do stuff and then rest, maybe check social media, then do more stuff as time and energy allows, repeat.

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It is basically using a 25 minute timer to accomplish tasks. You work continuously and uninterrupted for 25 minutes or the session does not count. After you finish you take a break. 54 minutes or whatever. I find it is forcing me to do stuff. Usually I get distracted after 15 minutes.
I am shocked at what I can accomplish in that time if I take it seriously. I’m going to exercise now. That box is still unchecked.

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I just finished the exercise unit. I did 12 minutes of Shuffle dance with this video going. The girl with the lighted shoes at 0:30 seconds and 1:30 is awesome, as is the one dancing in the food court – she is so powerful. I can do it at 4 of my steps to 6 of theirs. When I try to speed it up I screw up. After beating myself with that song, I did sit-ups, push-ups chin-ups and stretches and stretch pushups against the kitchen counter. I’m beat!
Now it’s time for lunch.

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3rd day. I’ve been doing 9 units per day and have been accomplishing a lot.
Now if I have 30 minutes before an appointment or activity, I think “Hmmm, I can do a unit of something.” And I do!

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4th day only 7 units. I was busy all day but my wheels spun for a while. Writing this here is forcing me to face my procrastination and time wasting.
I did clean up and toss quite a bit of barn stuff so maybe that counts for something.

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