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Where is a good place to buy a car?

Asked by Goofygirl55 (40points) April 14th, 2021

So I’m researching different places to get a car on credit. I’m looking to buy a Chevy camaro or a dodge challenger used or a 2015–2020 Toyota corolla. I looked a carvanna and they want me to put 30 grand down on a 35 grand car. I don’t have that kind of money and I’ve heard alot bad things about carvanna. I’m looking anywhere in the US but I would prefer to stay along the east coast.

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I’ve heard good things about Carmax.

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Don’t borrow money from a car seller. Separate the finance and the retail aspects of the transaction.

Look into credit unions in your area for car loans. They offer better terms than banks (and banks offer better terms than car dealers).

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Another vote for credit unions – interest and fees lower than banks, even for used car loans.

Car dealers usually have good terms for new cars and sometimes for used cars on their lots. But their used car prices are usually jacked up, so you can’t win there.

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I have found the best way is through a broker. I no longer buy brand new cars; I like to get them during the first year of warranty. Repossessions are sometimes where the deals are. The brokers get them wholesale or less and add a percentage for their commission.

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