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If a Black woman was shot in the Capitol or a white person was shot escaping arrest, does your opinion change?

Asked by JLeslie (60849points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I’m not asking if the police would behave differently.

I just saw on TV that the officer who fatality shot the woman at the attack on the Capitol on Jan 6 was found to have done nothing wrong. Do you agree? If so, what if the woman who was killed had been Black? Would your view still be the same? I ask the same if you think the officers actions were wrong and criminal. What if the person they shot was Black?

How about the recent Daunte situation? If it was a white guy trying to escape arrest (there was a warrant out for his arrest for his failure to appear in court on charges that he fled from officers and possessed a gun without a permit during an encounter with Minneapolis police in June) do you look at the situation differently? Does it matter if he looks like a skinhead or looks like a white preppy boarding school student?

I understand Black people are being targeted more by police and there is racism in the ranks, please don’t lecture on that. I’m just asking about YOUR objectivity. Does the situation look different to you regarding race, social class, or some external factor?

Can YOU change the race or ethnicity every time you see cases like this and have the same opinion? Do you try it? Put someone like you in the same position.

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I am not fond of the idea of any person getting killed by the hand of another person.
I say with understatement.
No matter their color, sex, religion, or priors.

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~ If a white person is shot than he must have done something horrible.

Kumar bell said in his CNN documentary that black people get life in prison for simple drug possession, while white people must have done something horrible.

I think the term is white privilege.

I am afraid that the media only presents the news stories that make the most views/ratings.

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Regarding the arrest warrant that was out for Daunte Wright, here’s what says about it:

What’s True
Wright was charged with aggravated robbery for an incident that occurred in December 2019, court documents showed. Additionally, there was a warrant for Wright’s arrest when Brooklyn Police said they pulled him over for expired license plate tabs on April 11, 2021, and one officer fatally shot him. However…

What’s False
A judge issued that warrant for Wright’s arrest weeks before his fatal encounter with police because he missed a court hearing for unrelated misdemeanor charges, not aggravated robbery.

What’s Undetermined
No evidence showed Wright was “on the run” and attempting to evade law enforcement in the days, weeks, or months before his death.

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@jca2 He tried to evade arrest on that day the shooting happened. He was outside the car about to be cuffed most likely, they were arresting him, and then he jumped in his car and was trying to get away. It’s on the video. Did you get to see him trying to get away from the cop and jump back in his car? I don’t think it was ok to tase or shoot him, I am just pointing out that I think most people are talking about him resisting arrest during this specific incident. I hadn’t heard people talking about it in terms of “on the run.” The news is reporting he was pulled over for an air freshener, that seems to be false too.

My details about what the warrant was for are wrong, I will see if I can edit.

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Not mine. I don’t discriminate.

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Details for warrant corrected. There was a warrant from June for being in possession of a gun without a permit. Unless a jelly finds different information. Please let me know.

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No, but it’s interesting to see the incident of the woman shot at the Capitol bring out everyone’s hypocrisy. Now I’m seeing liberals saying “she should’ve complied” or “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” and conservatives saying “fuck the police” (well maybe not those exact words…)

Police shouldn’t be fatally shooting unarmed people. It’s really that simple.

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I will say this when there is a shooting by Police it really should be investigated by an independent body free of the police.
It no should be investigated by the police.

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The woman at the Capitol was leading an angry mob TOWARDS the officers. That sounds like justification to shoot. The other situation was a man moving AWAY from the officers. What justification was there to shoot him?

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IMHO, any shooting by police, whether the victim is white, black, brown, red, yellow or striped, should be investigated. Not by Internal Affairs, because Internal Affairs would biased towards the department, and rightly so; not by the union because the union by design is biased towards the individual. That’s why an independent body is needed to investigate these types of actions. Any shooting in self defense or in the cause of safety would be investigated and cleared, if appropriate. If not cleared, then referred as appropriate for administrative, civil or criminal action.

Actually, I would like to see an independent investigation any time an officer discharges a service weapon unless it occurs on a sanctioned firing range. This should be a common-sense requirement for all law enforcement personnel, from local officers through county sheriffs and state police, all the way up to special agents with federal “initial” agencies (FBI, CIA, NCIS, etc.).

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My opinion does not change. I really hope not. Otherwise I might be a racist.

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@JLeslie It makes no difference to me whether the person is black, white or any other color. A person lost their life. All lives are precious.

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Look – it’s not, or shouldn’t be, a race problem. Police go through intensive training in the academy pertaining to use of force, and escalation of force. They have batons, PR 24, a very versatile baton type weapon, and pepper spray and tazers as well. Pulling a gun should always be a last, life or death, resort. They also have access to a handy little doo dad called a RADIO, to call for back up when a prisoner, Black, White, purple, or pink with green polka dots, escapes. And access to air unit helicopters with night vision heat signature gear. A dozen and more options, other than gunning a person down.

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