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Does eBay require that your account be linked to your bank account?

Asked by gondwanalon (19923points) 3 weeks ago

I’ve about had enough of eBay. I’ve been dealing on eBay for the last 18 years with 1162 buying & selling transactions. Suddenly I’m being told that I’m a risk to eBay unless link my checking account. This is BS. I’m a risk to no one as I’ve never had negative feedback and my eBay account is already linked to my PayPal account. See eBay message to me below.

Looks like I’m done with eBay. How about you?

Your eBay account has been restricted
Hello gondwanalon,
Previously, we notified you that you’re required to submit information for confirmation requirements. However, it appears that you haven’t provided this information.

Until we receive that information, your listing, buying, and communication activity have been restricted to ensure a safe trading environment for you and the eBay community. Your active listings have been ended, and we will credit the listing fees for these items. Additionally, your payouts have been placed on a temporary hold until we can confirm your identity or financial data.

As a preventative measure, we’re committed to reducing fraud and negative buying experiences on the site. To maintain a safe marketplace, eBay may restrict selling activity, end active items, or suspend accounts until information on the account is verified.

To remove the restriction from your account, please use the link below to log in and provide the required documentation, which is also outlined in the original email you received.

– Be sure your submitted documents are current, valid, and legible.
– It may take up to 3 business days to review your information.

We appreciate your cooperation in resolving this matter as quickly as possible and look forward to receiving your documentation.


Please don’t reply to this message. It was sent from an address that doesn’t accept incoming email.

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I was never asked to do that. It would help if you established a PAY PAL account.

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I have been active on eBay for many years as a shopper. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve bought. I use the mobile site, and the data is not readily visible. I have not been asked to link my bank information.

This move on their part must have something to do with fraudulent activity and security by sellers. I’m speculating.

I suggest you do a Google search for user forums for eBay to see if other people are encountering this situation.

Is it possible this is phishing to obtain your bank information to then steal from you? You could try to do some business on the site to see if you are restricted as the message states. If you aren’t restricted, the message is a scam.

Good luck.

(The more I think about it, the more this sounds like a scam.)

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Like @Hawaii_Jake I, too, suspect a phishing scam.

If I absolutely need to supply credit info I use a single use disposable credit card number that has a credit limit of $10. (Citibank offers this service. Band Of America used to but stopped.).
A legit company will see the number is good and move on.
A crook will see the number is good and then make an attempt at using it which will cancel it after the first try.

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I just went to the site on my tablet. I couldn’t find anyplace to enter my bank information. I think these messages are a scam.

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@gondwanalon Absolutely not! They will ask if you want to link to bank.

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Thanks a lot guys!

FYI: the message that I copied & pasted above (and 2 others like it) came from my the eBay messages on the eBay site. Is it possible that those messages are not coming from eBay management? Can an eBay member pose as management for fraud?

@kritiper I have an PayPal account that has been linked to my eBay account for many years.

@Hawaii_Jake Good ideas. I think that I’ll just continue to pretend that I never received the above message. I’ll try listing something for sale and buy something. If I’m NOT allowed to do makes transactions on eBay then I’ll know that the requests for my bank account information is legitimate. In that case I still won’t comply and will be done with eBay.

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I just tried to list an item for sale on eBay and got the following message:
It appears that you haven’t provided the required information to confirm your identity or financial data. Until we receive that information, your listing and communication activity have been restricted to ensure a safe trading environment for you and the eBay community.

Like I indicated above. I’ve been sellling and buying on eBay for 18 years with no complaints. Always get 5 stars. I go a little bit beyond what’s expected.

I will not be bullied.

Good buy and good riddance to eBay.

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FYI: For anyone interested. Yesterday I replied to another eBay request for me to link my eBay account to my checking account. I relied that it ain’t happening. Today they sent me the following message:
Your account is no longer restricted from buying
Dear gondwanalon,
We’ve lifted some account restrictions, so you can buy on eBay.

Your account was previously restricted because you didn’t provide the required seller account information. By providing this information to us, eBay is able to pay you for your sales and comply with government know-your-customer obligations, which helps keep eBay a trusted marketplace.

While it’s important for us to collect this information, we recognize that you’re not just a seller, but a buyer on eBay, too. We apologize for inadvertently restricting your buying ability and effective immediately, you can get back to buying on eBay.

Start buying now
You’ll be able to provide the required information here when you’re ready to sell again, and we’ll fully restore your selling abilities and release any held payouts.

Some frequently asked questions:

So what does this mean?

You can buy on eBay, as normal. However you won’t be able to list or sell any additional items until you provide the required information.

Why do you need this information?.

To keep you and the eBay community safe and to pay out your sales proceeds, we need to verify that every seller has valid bank and identity information. By providing this information to us, eBay is able to pay you for your sales and comply with government know-your-customer obligations, which helps keep eBay a trusted marketplace.

How do I start selling again?

We had to restrict your account because we didn’t receive required seller information from you. If you’re still interested in selling, you can update your information here. Once you complete the update, you’ll be able to list, sell and receive payouts.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Thank you for being part of the eBay community.

The eBay Team

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We don’t check this mailbox, so please don’t reply to this message. If you have a question, go to Help & Contact.

eBay sent this message to gondwanalon. Learn more about account protection. eBay is committed to your privacy. Learn more about our privacy notice and user agreement.

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Thanks for letting us know what was going on.

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