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What are some good skills that are helpful in one's personal life?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18594points) 3 weeks ago

Like nutrition, or bookkeeping. Preferably free on YouTube or textbook/audiobook.

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Knot tying! I wish I had learned it decades a go.
There are so many different kinds for specific applications but all you really need to know are 7 basic ones. .
Not only will you be able to get the job done when needed, you will be able to recognize and appreciate the work of others when you see it.

In the words of Archimedes:
Give me a roll of 500 pound paracord long enough, and I shall move the world.

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Learn how to Shuffle dance (supposedly) in five minutes.
You will get aerobic exercise, increase your mobility and flexibility, and you will be ready to dazzle the next time you are at a wedding. You will also be able to recognize and appreciate the work of others when you see it.

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cooking, gardening

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Dave Ramsey, financial security.

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Typing well is a great skill. I realized the other night, in thinking about my career, that being a great typist is really what opened doors for me.

Good people skills is important. Greeting people warmly, saying goodbye and moving on when it’s appropriate, being good with small talk, underrated skills but very important. In my job as a caseworker (former position), my boss said to me “you’re good at your job because you’re a good bullshitter.” I wouldn’t ask questions in a formal manner. I’d chat about bullshit (“I love that couch! Where did you get it? I’ve been looking for a new couch and I love that color”) and then the person would loosen up and they’d start talking.

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Good manners are always a plus!

You’re welcome!

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Try to be friendly and open with people, unless they give you reason to do otherwise. Everything else will fall into place. Easier said than done in todays world, I know. But give it a shot. You might be surprised at the friends you make.

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Be kind and nice to everyone, but at the same time establish solid boundaries.

Learning to tolerate different perspectives without losing your own value is also an important skill.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Willingness to work, follow orders and be positive.

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Ditto @Mimishu1995 Good point. Try to think before you speak, and avoid hurting anyone’s feelings at any cost. (Unless they piss you off to the absolute max).

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Financial management.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Oop! you said personal life! Sense of humor (humour) for you) ability to listen and suspend judgement, compassion, patience, tenacity, being a good friend and positive attitude. Not necessarily in that oder.

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Start buttoning and unbuttoning your shirts, tying and untying your shoe laces, zip and unzip your pants, all with your non-dominant hand.
Just in case you lose the right one.

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Listening. Few people know how. It’s a skill that one must purposefully develop. It is an enhancement in all aspects of one’s life.

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