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Have you ever been at Badwater Basin?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (27649points) 2 weeks ago

I was there in the 1950’s when I was still in grammar school. Badwater Basin You can see a sign high above, indicating sea level to the East.

You can see Telescope Peak in the Panamint Range to the west; at 11,049 ft.

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Yes. It’s quite awesome.

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The closest I’ve been is about 85 miles away, and about 14,777 feet higher in altitude.

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I have not made it to DVNP. Last month, though, I was driving from La Quinta to Joshua Tree NP on I-10, and passed an elevation sign that said “Sea Level”. That amazed me.

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We were going to go back this year, but it didn’t work out. Next year I’ll definitely go back

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