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How many of your high school friends ended up to become clergymen or women?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29717points) 1 week ago

I was thinking about this today.

My high school (back in the 1970s) had a population of roughly 50% Jewish, 30% catholic, and 20% protestant. A handful of other religions, but a tiny percentage. Our graduating class was a little over 1000 people. My crowd was probably 45–50 close classmates.

In my circle of friends, two of them became rabbis and one a minister (some protestant group, not sure which. Not Baptist, for sure). That seems unusually high to me.

How many of your high school graduation class entered the clergy?

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Don’t know of any. We were a suburban high school, about 330 in the graduating class. I would say we were pretty evenly split among Jewish kids, Catholic kids (mainly Italian) and some Christian denominations.

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None that I’m aware of. My class was 450 students, and I knew a lot of people one and two years ahead of me also.

@elbanditoroso You are in the Bible Belt if I remember correctly, so where you live is probably more likely than where I lived.

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@JLeslie – I live here now, but grew up in the North (Ohio)

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Not one that I know of. In fact I cannot offhand think of a single acquaintance of mine who chose the ministry as a vocation. That’s rather peculiar.

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There was one guy I knew in high school who became a woman.

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Three – - two women and one guy. Class was three hundred.

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I went to a high school level seminary, and even they had a surprisingly low rate of ordination. Of course the additional six years of post high school (four for a bachelor’s degree and two years for a masters in theology) might have had something to do with it.

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Just one that I know of…became a Church of Christ pastor. But his father has been a pastor before him, so maybe that explains it.

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Only one as far as I know. He was in the Scripture Union when I knew him at school so it wasn’t a great surprise.

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None that I am aware of.

The area I grew up in was ethnically and religiously diverse, with a lot of Catholics (Italians, Irish and Polish mostly), and about 30% black, who tend to be other Christian denominations.

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I had no friends in high school. So eazy to answer. Zero.

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I know of one of about thirty students.

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None that I know of. Pretty sure most of them are atheist at this point.

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High school class of 250; none that I know. One fellow college student is a minister.

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I applied to the novitiate of a Catholic religious order but was turned down. Aside from that, I don’t know of anyone from my high school who entered the clergy. I know of one acquaintance from college who became a Methodist(?) minister. (She was smokin’ hot back in the day.)

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Two. One a Presbyterian minister, the other a rabbi.

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My class was 674 graduates. I know of three, all protestants.

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We were a large class but I’m only aware of three men and one woman who are clergy. All four of those people were always good kids who never partied with us.

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Graduating class of around 500? Once, that I know of. Most likely more, since I don’t keep in touch with that many.

It was initially surprising. But it’s pretty cool. She’s actually pretty progressive. We need more of that.

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