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Could you please suggest me some speculative paper topics about Russia’s near future?

Asked by Kate_Carlson123 (8points) 1 week ago from iPhone

I should write my own forecasts on Russia`s near future (2021–2030), by covering various aspects, such as political leadership, military, economy, etc. While the paper may be speculative, it should nevertheless justify key theses and assumptions with solid arguments. Could you please recommend me some topics about that? What could be the main questions that could help me with writing this speculative paper? Which factors should I mainly pay attention to? Would it be better if I referred to the present news, reports, or other official documents for supporting facts to justify my arguments and predictions? Your assistance in this regard is highly appreciated!

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What will be the long term effects of the US retaliation against Russia for election interference, SolarWinds attack, etc.? What will be the effects on Putin – wealth, power, political capital, relationship with allies, etc.?
How has Russia’s political standing been affected and how will it change in the future?

The New York Times and the Economist are excellent references.

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You could also try government documents like the Congressional Quarterly to see what our experts are predicting for Russia’s future. Go to a large public or academic library and ask the reference librarian for help.

I would think a big topic might be what will happen when Putin is no longer the leader of the country and how will that change it.

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I think Putin can remain the leader of Russia until 2073.
Well, 2036, but still.

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The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Russia Report might be helpful.

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Dont shoot, but besides all good written references and sources I just want to spice up things with some excellent channel video’s of Caspian Report on Tube. That guy certainly knows his stuff, including a lot of materials about Russia. High quality can be found in video as well! It might inspire your personal research a bit. Prove me wrong.

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