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What could be an actual geopolitical issue for China in a deglobalising post-pandemic world in relation to other countries? Please, see the noted details below.

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Hello again! You cannot imagine the importance of your help for me:) As a sophomore, I really want to write an effective policy brief and have some questions about that but firstly, let me inform you about a few details. For final assignment, I’m supposed to write a 3000 word policy brief (decision memo) about a contemporary policy issue within which the current policy is clearly discernible. I should explain how the country I have chosen (it could only be one of the following: China, France, Germany, US, Russia) can best optimize its geopolitical circumstances in a post-pandemic, de-globalizing world. My concern is that I need an actual problem or policy issue related to the geopolitical circumstances of one of those countries in this post-pandemic, de-globalizing world. What do you think would be the topic and major issue of my policy brief? It’ll be kind of a simulation and serves as a source of independent policy analysis and advice for the minister. Its mission is to take a longer term, strategic view of regional and global trends and frame concrete, realistic recommendations for the minister to advance his/her country’s interests and values abroad. As a head of policy planing department of the ministry, I should offer the foreign affairs minister of the country I have chosen several clear policy options instead of the current one that has been followed with regard to the certain issue. I’m also supposed to describe the implementation of one of the recommended alternatives I will select at the end. There must be supporting facts or news for the alternatives recommended. Your assistance is highly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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I can think of several:

1. Raw material supply chain for manufacturing in China

2. Intellectual property, creativity, invention in a post-Covid Asia where travel and visa are restricted.

3. Chinese influence on the Persian Gulf states and how that relates to the Shia-Sunni conflict

4. Effectiveness of tariffs and sanctions to product political change

5. The use of government-sponsored assassination as a tool of diplomacy.

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A focus on economic influence above military aspirations. In the long term, a strong military dominance will have mayor disadvantages and can easily backfire with grave consequences.
In a world of increased mutual economic dependency, security is less dependend on projecting strong military presence. Economic expansion and innovation is a more safe and promising road to proceed.

If you look for more inspiration, Caspian Report on YT has good reports as well.

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