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Should Derek Chauvin get a new trial in light of the findings of one of the juors?

Asked by chyna (46325points) 1 month ago from iPhone

If you missed it (living in a cave, are we?) one of the jurors was at a rally last year, before the trial, wearing a shirt that said “Get your knee off our necks.”
He was questioned before being chosen as a juror in the George Floyd case. When asked if he had attended any rally’s demonstrating against police brutality, he replied no.
At the least, I feel he should be punished in some way for lying to get on a trial.
Should the trial be overturned?

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If it is found to be required, yes. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial.

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Yeah, I tend to agree.
First, why lie about it?
You want to be part of ‘the circus’ that much?
While you can beforehand know that it’s going to come out (hello everybody at the march with a smartphone camera attached to their hand).

And prejudiced much???


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As far as I know, getting a mistrial declared is fairly difficult and I don’t know that one juror’s deception is going to be enough.

Although I’m personally convinced Chauvin is guilty of at least third degree murder, I don’t think there’s any doubt that this trial was not as fair as it could’ve been. So I guess we’ll see what happens. There are also complaints about the change of venue denial as well as the refusal to sequester the jury earlier (although as I’ve said before, jurors anywhere could’ve assumed that there would be backlash to an acquittal, so I’m not sure how you avoid that as a factor in their thinking. The idea that jurors can be entirely impartial is a fiction of the trial-by-jury system).

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I think it’s too late. That’s what the voir dire (selecting the jury) process is about. The Chauvin lawyers did a crappy job at preparing for voir dire.

This is just a gimmick. It won’t go anywhere,

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@elbanditoroso. I have seen TV shows where both sides have reviewed each and every potential juror from grade school on up to what they had for breakfast yesterday. I don’t know if that is just fiction, but it’s obvious the defense didn’t do their research.

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No, I don’t think so. Just another criminal looking for a loophole.
¾ of jurors have to concur, he’s just one.
The motion comes as a photo circulating on social media shows juror Brandon Mitchell wearing a Black Lives Matter hat and a shirt with a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. that says, “get your knee off our necks.”

Mitchell told The Star Tribune that his uncle posted the photo. Mitchell said he attended an Aug. 28 event commemorating the anniversary of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

MORE: Minnesota AG asks for severe sentence for Derek Chauvin
“I think I was being extremely honest” during the jury selection process, Mitchell said. “I gave my views on everything—on the case, on Black Lives Matter.”

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I can’t imagine anyone except Chauvin and his lawyer want to go through the expense and circus of a trial again. I suspect they are grasping at straws.

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But they have that right!

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I’ve been under a rock. I hadn’t heard about this, I haven’t been watching much news at all.

I would have answered maybe, but after reading @KNOWITALL’s answer I’m going to agree with her.

I remember when I was called in for a jury duty I had to answer some questions before even having my number selected and after turning in my card I realized I had completely forgotten about an incident in my past, and went up to the person watching the room and told them about my mistake. Had the juror in question just made a mistake? Was it the way the question was worded? It sounds like it has to do with how the question was worded l, and how the juror framed his activities.

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The defense attorney, like any good attorney, has to show their client that they’re doing their job by doing everything possible on behalf of the client. I think this is what that is.

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Does Floyd get another chance? Oh I forgot, he’s dead.

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By the way I saw an interview with an alternate juror and she said she would have voted to convict. A new trial isn’t going to help Chauvin. He is a murderer. He slowly and purposefully squeezed the life out of George Floyd.

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If Floyd got another chance, we wouldn’t be talking about this.

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@JLeslie He traumatized an entire nation, killing that poor man in front of us on camera. I think he’s underestimating the power of the video on our collective psyche. I will never forget his face or the look in his eye, myself, and I’m no shrinking violet.

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@KNOWITALL When that video aired and people were demanding his arrest I actually had friends saying we need to be patient. Patient to arrest him? One friend said to me when her relative was murdered it took time to get evidence and build a case and I was just couldn’t believe it. We had over 8 minutes of unbroken video! Dozens of witnesses including another first responders. How can people watch that video and respond that way?

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He’s a psycho with a gun and badge, NO sympathy.

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Nah, fuck him!

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People die every day. And they get killed. And some people are responsible for some of those deaths. And we don’t hear too much about it.
Shit really does happen.

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