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What type of food would you expect to find at the zoo?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) September 10th, 2008

What type of food would you expect to find at the zoo? Please be specific. I have a bet going on this.

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For human digestion or animals?

Zoo’s usually have a restaurants.

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Hot Dogs
Ice Ceam/Popsicles of some sort
French fries

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do you think you would find taquetos? (I know I probably wrote that wrong, but I don’t know how)

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Taquitos? Depends. Maybe in a predominantly latino/hispanic area.

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Yeah, I’d say that’d be a local thing, not something you’d find at every zoo. I bet you’ll find Animal Crackers, though!

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My sis & I had Big Olaf’s for breakfast once at the San Diego Zoo.

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I have never been to a zoo that sold taquetos…I do however remember having pizza. And I think the place I went to was serving a lot of other American foods like Hamburgers, Hotdogs, etc.

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Our local zoo has really good pizza. So now I expect to see pizza in other zoos too. Besides that, I would expect to see a McD’s because they are everywhere, and just some sandwich chain.

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Seems like the San Diego Zoo has improved greatly on their food selections since my sister and I were forced to eat Big Olafs. They used to have the worst food in the world. ‘Here is a link to their restaurants and menus.

The Raintree Grill has taquitos, the zoo is roughly 22 miles from the Mexican border.

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