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Would you treasure somebody else's class ring?

Asked by kneesox (1518points) 1 month ago

Do they mean anthing to someone who wasn’t the graduate?

Does anyone keep class rings from their parents or grandparents as heirlooms? Do they ever wear them? Who wants them or what does anybody do with them after the owner passed away?

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I definitely would. Though I’m probably overly sentimental about everything. So maybe not the target audience for this question. :P

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I am like @raum . I’d call myself a sentimental hoarder. I still have my ex husband’s class ring from when we were dating. It brings good memories. I wish I had any belonging to my parents or grandparents. I would certainly wear the female ones if possible. I still have my own and would wear it if it would fit. Mostly cuz I just loved the design.

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I am not sentimental about such things. I might contact the school alumni association and ask them if they wanted it.

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Don’t have mine. Don’t miss it. Someone wanted it more than I did as they stole it. Can’t understand why someone would want it. It was pretty cheap. I paid about $30 for it. (1970 Montclair High).

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It would depend how I felt about the person. If they were someone I no longer cared for, I would throw out the ring with no emotion.

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I had the class ring of an ex boyfriend from high school. Years later when gold prices rocketed, I sold it.

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What is a “class ring”?

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@ragingloli In high schools or colleges, they sometimes offer to sell you, through a company, a ring with your school’s name and the year you graduated. I think it used to be more of a things than it is now.

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Sounds like a group-pressure fuelled money making scheme.

We only got a black t-shirt with the year stitched on it.

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Typical class rings.

Some class rings (like from MIT) are distinctive and have a lot of cachet. It can look good to wear a class ring to a job interview for some kinds of jobs. Also guys used to give their class rings to their girlfriends to show that they were going steady, so in high schol or college it was prestige to have a boy’s ring, either on a neck chain or with string wrapped around it to make it fit your finger.

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I still have mine from high school and college. I also have my mother’s. – and her award for penmanship. They make me smile. (Was I really that small? Were my mother’s fingers that dainty?)
I will give them to my sentimental son.

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Yes, and I’d try to return it. I wouldn’t wear it, probably wouldn’t fit, and it creates a bit of a working hazard (electrical burns, same as watches with metal bands, and other types of injuries.)

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