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How are you handling Covid-19 isolation?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18836points) 1 month ago

Other than not having a hug from two years I am fine. I am actually better because I can hide my personality quirks. Like sleeping when I am tired and eat when I am hungry.

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I was missing friends, but now that I’m vaccinated I’m getting out more.

I did fine for the year that I was really careful. I had waves of sadness now and then, but it didn’t last too long.

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I have spent an inordinate amount of time on the internet, developing out-of-control obsessions.

But I have coped with the isolation by designing a house that will likely never be built—and really focusing my time and funds on the local wildlife in my backyard. This has helped me cope with depression inasmuch as Covid-19 isolation.

More than isolation from people, I hate not being able to indulge in an occasional Chinese Buffet experience. Even if they were open, an open food bar would be the greatest place of risk for contracting the virus in one of its new mutations.

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I’m pretty solitary anyway. The single tough thing is not seeing my mom. She’s 90 and in assisted living (memory care). I could only see her through a window, except once when she almost died from Covid, we got to visit with full hospital operating room garb for a final goodbye.

But our visit I think pulled her out of it. She recovered. I’m vaccinated and can start seeing her in person next week.

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We have never isolated our selves here because we never had semitones of covid

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@KRD ??? The only definition I found of ‘semitone’ is “A semitone (sometimes called a half tone or a half step) is the distance from a white key to a neighboring black key on the piano keyboard.”

Who is “we”? Do you live in the woods or in a very rural area? How did/do you get groceries, or see a doctor, or anything else that requires some sort of contact with other people? Have you been vaccinated?

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Sorry @smudges I meant symptoms.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if someone at Fluther has seen me post this before:

I was already a socially isolated germaphobe before Covid, and my beloved feline housemate, Katrina is a wonderful companion.

Now that I’m fully vaccinated, hopefully I’ll soon be visiting my niece and her daughter.

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I stopped working. I never had it so good. I had no idea how content I could be doing nothing productive. Go figure.

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I work in grocery so I can’t isolate.

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I was never totally isolated. We were seeing friends (local parents and their kids), staying outside and six feet from each other, since the pandemic started. I would also go shopping, always with a mask as is the law here in NY and CT. Then I went back to work in June, two days a week, so I was seeing people that way. I live on a lake and a friend has a pool in her complex, so we did that last summer (lake and pool) and the kids hung out together. I also had other local friends that we visited or I would go shopping with, or out to restaurants with (eating outside in the summer, indoors starting in autumn). I wasn’t hugging and kissing people. I was careful and I was also lucky. I never experienced total isolation, except maybe for the first two weeks of the shutdown, and even then I went food shopping a few times.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Do you Canadians have Covid-19 since May 2019?
Then it’s the Canadian virus, not the Chinese.

It is starting to get a tiny little bit on my nerves, this isolation thing.
Also because I see that it seems to be business as usual outside (traffic, people).
Also because since it started a year+ ago, I’ve started to take medication that has as a side effect, lowering social phobia.
So I’m more social then I’ve been in 10 years, and now there’s not much to be social with/about.

So, Covid-19, if you please can already fuck off!

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I miss all the canoe races. Before the pandemic we use to race about every other weekend nearly year around. There have been some individual trial races but not nearly so fun. There’s one race that so far has not been canceled near Kona, Hawaii this September that everyone is looking forward to. Already have my plane tickets. Fun stuff!

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I’m out and about too much to really notice the isolation. However, when I was isolating because I had Covid, I read a whole bunch. I think I read about 1000 pages or more. It was brutal.

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It suits me as an only child, been very peaceful and quiet but I do miss my cousins and some social aspects. My dogs have been amazing playmates and companions, too.
I self-isolated to keep seeing and hugging my mom, so no regrets.

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@KRD Ok, that makes sense. Thanks!

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What isolation? Georgia has been pretty much wide open for the last five months.

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It has not affected me particularly much. Mainly it meant not traveling to see family and friends, not going to restaurants or cafes as much, being concerned for people and businesses (especially the restaurants and cafes), and not going to in-person meetings / games / etc.

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I’m glad it’s ending. I attended my in-person graduation (with seats 4+ feet apart and masks required); an outdoor graduation party (all adults were fully vaccinated); and an outdoor Mother’s day gathering (all adults were fully vaccinated). The hugs are tighter and the time together more meaningful. It was exhausting for this introvert, but just what I needed.

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I was never all that social to begin with.
Now I’m vaccinated.

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I was very social and hadn’t looked on it as a rat race until the arrival of covid. Now I am reluctant and loudly chastised for resisting the call to jump back on the hamster wheel. No thanks!

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