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If you were to create a comic book or comic strip character from scratch, what would s/he be like?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) September 11th, 2008

This person does not have to be a superhero, but can be.

Would you create someone like Archie Andrews? Maybe a better version of Superman?

I’d like to create a new kind of superhero, based on a real-life person I know, and whom I won’t name, here.

The new superhero (actually, a super-heroine) would be known as NakedGirl, from the planet Nudar, where everyone has super powers, except when wearing fabrics. In fact, to weaken this character (and temporarily rob her of her super powers) all you need to do, is throw a blanket over her.

But, enough about her. The canvas is now yours, and it is your turn to create a new character to grace the pages of a comic book or comic strip in a newspaper. So, who will s/he be, and what will s/he be like?

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Didn’t they do this on Beauty and the Geek?

Remember Princess Bedhead?

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Nope. Never knew about that. Have a link for us?

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