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Have you ever done something foolish in the hopes of getting the attention of a woman?

Asked by TJFKAJ (416points) 2 months ago from iPhone

I guess it goes without saying that that only guys or gay women need answer.
On the other hand who cares who answers!

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Guys have done lot of desperate things to get my attention. No lesbian ever has.

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That’s good to know

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At a swimming pool I kept tossing the beach ball to one girl over and over. It worked.

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That’s probably been my very definition of the word romance.

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Some men think they just have to put the right song and BOOM! Mostly Barry White.
Gino Vannelli. Once.
No, of course it didn’t work. Neither did candles and offers of a back rub.

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Yes * Bi-girl confesses *

I once drank 7 carmel machiatos in 2 hours just so I could keep flirting with the barista.

She would have been in my dreams… but I couldn’t sleep for days.

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Gosh! Who hasn’t??

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Yes, and I’ve done even more foolish things after getting her attention.

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Humans males are not the only ones to demonstrate this behavior.
I can watch male hummingbirds swoop back and forth in a “u” pattern in front of a female as she sits calmly on a honeysuckle branch.

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I just induced a scaredy cat to heavy petting and ear and chin scratching this morning. Part of it involved lying down on the ground and making meowing and other noises.

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Yes. Few too embarrasing to mention. I blame the influence of some 80s romantic and teenage movies.

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Probably. Don’t remember anything specific. Been out of circulation since 1981. One time prior to that, I had a woman in a club one night threaten to pour a pitcher of beer over my head, to get MY attention. She got it..Don’t think she was bluffing.

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