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How do you find your email that someone is responding to? See detail.

Asked by flo (13148points) 2 weeks ago

I searched under evrey icon like “More” etc.

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Are you on a desktop computer or a mobile device? Are you using an Apple or PC? If you’re on a mobile device, is it Android or iPhone?

What email system are you using like Gmail, Hotmail, Me, etc?

Have you scrolled all the way to the bottom of the reply you received? I mean all the way until the computer won’t let you scroll any more.

I need to meditate now to find some serenity shattered by the ramifications of this question.

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Look in your “Sent” folder for email you sent to them..

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It’s Gmail, normally there is no need to go to the “Sent” folder. It happens on rare occasions, like an auto reply. But I don’t know if it’s every auto reply. And I did scroll all the way down, which normally isn’t necessary.

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If you’ve lost an email try going to the top of the page and “search mail”. Type in a key word from your email then cross your fingers.

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The sent email is there in “Sent” folder. But normally the sent email is also just above the response email.

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What @flutherother said. Use all the regular search engine operators like excluding irrelevant terms with hyphens and emphasizing with quotation marks.

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@flo, when someone answers an email, usually your original message shows in the thread. But they might delete the original message that you sent. Then you won’t see the thread, you’ll just see their reply. So you have to go look up your outgoing message yourself.

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Ok, but why do they delete the message? I wouldn’t delete an email unless I see it as spam etc.

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Well, we can’t answer that, can we?

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@Inspired_2write Thanks for the link. The message has been kind of responded to (even if it’s auto reply) What email they are responded to is the thing (since it’s not just above it as usual)

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Amazing that it would be different based on all those things:
“Are you on a desktop computer or a mobile device? Are you using an Apple or PC? If you’re on a mobile device, is it Android or iPhone?” Which would give the ideal result? That is, which would ensure that the sent email is right above the reply email?

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To edit (for typo) my post before last: “What email are they responding to…”

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@Hawaii_Jake, or anyone else, what about my question in my previous to last post?

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