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What is the vertical 3 dots (next to the icon for refresh below the search box in Gmail Inbox) for?

Asked by flo (12991points) November 15th, 2018

It’s in the Inbox page. When you hover under the refresh icon it says “Refresh”, when but nothing under the 3 dots. So, what is it for? I know I can click on it to see, but what should I think it must be?

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It is probably a menu.

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@ragingloli Thanks, it is. There’s s one thing on the menu, “Mark all as read”.

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@flo When i click on it there are several options: Mark all as read, Mark as Not Important, Filter, Mute, Star, etc.

It’s a drop down menu with options for what to do with emails.

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I didn’t get a notification for your answer @janbb

What does it say under the square icon’s (next to the refresh icon) drop down menu?

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Oh, I see the confusion. With the square icon you can “select all” the 50 items and then perform those actions. With the three dots, you get only “Mark all as read” unless you have an item selected already and then you get the full drop down options.

It’s confusing; complain to my son! :-)

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^^So how about a GA?

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@janbb I just gave you one. Do you have another answer you want me to give you one for (that I forgot)?

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@flo. Nope; that’s the one. Thanks.

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I’m always going to remember that post.

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