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What do major league athletes do when they have to use the washroom? (Possible NSFW)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19069points) 1 month ago

I’ve never seen an athlete go back to the lockers for a pee break.

Humor welcome.

It has to be more complicated than going before the game?

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In the NFL, they just pee where they are. It makes getting tackled less likely.

NBA players, we’ll look at them, obviously they have much more storage space than most people!

MLB gets time in the dugout, where lots of empty Gatorade bottles are laying around.

NHL I’m not sure, but them britches look big enough to cover a diaper.

Boxing why do you think kidney shots are illegal?

Wrestling, again, big, baggy shorts.

Indianapolis 500 empty bottle and multitasking.

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I have been in a pro baseball dugout (once) – and just behind the dugout under the stands, like maybe a 10 foot walk – was a bathroom. My guess is that if there was a player with a full bladder, they could go and do their thing before the half inning is over.

NBA – that’s a tougher guess because they are in view on the side of the court for the entire game. I guess they hold it until half time.

NHL – they only play 20 minute periods so I would imagine that the last thing they do before they hit the rink is go and pee. I don’t remember seeing yellow ice when I went to hockey games.

Football – more of an issue. Maybe the trainer passes out diuretics?

Same issue for women’s sports, I imagine. Take the US national soccer team – 45 minute halves plus overtime. What do they do?

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You would hope these millionaires would have enough self discipline to hold it in for 45 minutes until half-time.

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I think they have their own and don’t use the same restrooms as their fans. Also, I am sure by now they’ve gotten in the habit of having strong bladders til halftime.

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