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Would you put the following statement another way, or correct the grammar etc.?

Asked by flo (13313points) June 17th, 2021

“Some of us fail an exam, some ace it , some in between.”
“Some of us fail an exam, some Ace it, and some somewhere in between”
Is one of them better and if not what’s a better of putting it?

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Some of us fail an exam, some Ace it, and the rest are somewhere in between

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Some of us fail an exam, some ace it (no capitalization), and the rest score somewhere in between.

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Some of us fail an exam, and some of us ace it, and some of us fall somewhere in between.

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While some of us fail an exam, some of us ace it, and some of us fall in between.

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As written in the first way, it’s a run-on sentence and can also be called a comma splice. It’s 3 independent clauses that need a conjunction to divide them. By adding “and,” the sentence becomes correct with the addition of a verb for the third clause.

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Some people fail an exam; others ace it; others do something in-between.

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^That is technically correct but is also very ugly. ;-)

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Some people see beauty in a semi-colon. ;-)

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The verb needs adjustment. Some of us failed, some of us will fail, some of us will not fail, some of us may fail.

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It is hard to tell without context. As it is, I agree with @SnipSnip that the problem is in the verb. Some of us have failed an exam, some have aced it, and some have been in between. Also, if it is not a particular exam, perhaps exams in plural sounds more general, as in Some of us fail exams, some ace them, and some fall in between. Again, context is everything.

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