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How can I apply a cream to my back where I can't reach?

Asked by kneesox (2249points) 1 month ago

My back itches. I bought the cream that the dermatologist recommended, but I can’t reach some areas where I want to apply it. Do you have any solutions for me?

Please don’t tell me to ask someone else to do it. If it were that simple, I wouldn’t be posting this.

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I have found that I can reach more of my back with the back of my hand. Can you put some cream on the back of your fingers and try? Another idea is to buy a back scratcher that has a flat side and use it to apply the cream.

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I had this problem when my marriage ended. I bought a spongey thing on a stick that works great! As @chyna says below, you squeeze the lotion onto it and then rub it on your back. You rinse out the sponge/foam part after.

I’ll see if I can find a link to post.

This is the kind of thing:

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I have a devise for that. It’s made just like the long handled back scrubber you would use in the shower except the scrubber part is made of a flat rubber pad type of material. I squirt my lotion on the pad and rub it in on my back. Check Bed, Bath and Beyond or Amazon. I can send a link after I get home if you can’t find it.

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@chyna Check out mine. I think we’re talking about the same kind of thing.

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Cool answers!! I have had the same question off and on throughout my adult life!

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Put a spread out garbage bag on your bed, apply enough cream on said bag, lay on it, and wiggle.

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@janbb Link yours please.
@rebbel My mind went somewhere else with your description. :-)

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I use a wooden spoon. Lotion on the back of the spoon bowl, it reaches well and doesn’t scratch. No need for a fancy thing.

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@janbb That is exactly what I have.

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Thanks for the great ideas. I think I’ll try the wooden spoon first. Wish I’d thought of that. If I’m too clumsy for it, then I’ll go for the sponge on a stick. I wouldn’t have had any idea what to search for. I did try one of those little spongey “paintbrushes” from the hardware store, but it was too short.

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I searched under “lotion spreader for back” I believe and several came right up. It’s not expensive and CVS has a model too.

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Get a stick that’s long enough to reach, tie on a bit of rag, apply the cream to the rag, and extend the stick to that part of your back that you have difficulty reaching.

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@janbb, @chyna, @SnipSnip, does the pad hold up or does it have to be replaced often?

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@kneesox I’ve never had to replace it. I rinse it out after using it and let it dry before putting it away.

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I’ve had mine for at least 11 years and have never had to replace it.

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I guess you could smear it on the wall and rub your back up and down on it like pooh bear.

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@kneesox I’ve been using mine for years. After I use it I hold the pad end in the sink and wash it with soap and water.

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@janbb, @chyna, @SnipSnip, the item you posted has a spongy pad, right? Not just a textured solid vinyl? I bought one but the pad is textured vinyl and just rinses off—nothing to squeeze. Seems like the lotion would go on better with a sponge. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.

Some of the items I looked at came with spare pads, and that was a warning to me that they do fall apart. So—I bought the wrong thing anyway.

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