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Is there a doctor in the house?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43705points) 1 month ago

Welcome to the 10K Mansion Caravanfan!

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Thanks Dutch. I think this is my third go at it.

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Happy lurve day, doc. Thanks for all the good advice, being accessible, and sharing your music with your fluther family!

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Congrats for the third time @Caravanfan!

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Thank you for your helpful threads during the pandemic. Your patience was greatly appreciated.

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Yes, what @Hawaii_Jake and @KNOWITALL said! Thanks for being here! You’ll find your room clean and neat as a pin with a chocolate on your pillow in anticipation of your arrival!

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Welcome to the Mansion, @Caravanfan! Thank you also, for all of your help and advice during the pandemic.

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Third time?
Have I congratulate you before, when you were different personas?
Congratulations again!

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Congratulations!! We just can’t say it enough!
And I thank you, too for all the help through the pandemic.
Party all weekend!

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Nicely done! See you at the party!

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10Kongratulations @caravanfan Time to relax.

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Mazel tov, @Caravanfan ! You handled us and the pandemic with more grace than might have been expected from even the rarest of bears!

Oh by the way, now that you’re in the mansion, can you look at this spot on my toe and tell me what you think it is?

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Hey super congrats.

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Look….I haven’t had a well woman check in ages! Room 314.

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Welcome, @Caravanfan. We’re playing a certain band on an endless loop until the next party. Enjoy!

Please report to the infirmary, we have a squid that needs your attention.

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Congo rats! Looking forward to a time where we can get a beer and chat!

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Congratulations @Caravanfan!! You da best!! You really are a fabulous Jelly and we’re lucky to have you in the lagoon.

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@stanleybmanly Thanks
@KNOWITALL If I get one more person to listen to Caravan, I will have succeeded in my task :-)
@Hawaii_Jake I’ve gotten better at the patience thing, thanks
@Mimishu1995 Thank you
@smudges I love chocolate
@jca2 Happy to help
@flutherother I played disc golf this morning. Then it got hot

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@RedDeerGuy1 Thanks, my friend
@janbb Let’s just go straight for amputation. That’s what I usually say
@rebbel You probably know me best as Rarebear
@SQUEEKY2 super thanks
@Dutchess_III (runs screaming from room)
@longgone I don’t even do that. My daughter is sick of Caravan. Although she listens to Taylor Swift endlessly, so…
@filmfann Any time. I seem to remember you’re in the SF Bay area? Our band is playing at Ocean View Brew Works in El Cerrito on Sunday June 27 at 3PM. We’re not that good
@cookieman Thanks. I love cookies

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Well you’re a shitbird, Doc!

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@Dutchess_III Shhhh…That’s a secret.

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@Dutchess_III At least he mentioned you.

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Oh I feel honored @chyna.

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@chyna I missed it! Sorry! :-) Thank you

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I always enjoy your posts.

Now that I’m familiar with a certain band called Caravan, I’m going to listen in your honor!

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@Love_my_doggie Thanks! The members of the band are all friends of mine. Their most famous album is “In the Land of Grey and Pink” but my favorite is “For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night”

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Fantastic! Another party, I’m so excited. I’m baking brownies.

Can I show you this bump on my arm at the mansion? Just kidding.

I always look forward to your answers @Caravanfan. 10K well deserved.

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@JLeslie I love brownies, but no nuts please.

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You got it. I like a simple classic brownie. No nuts no icing. I have the special pan that makes more corners and sides.

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