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How to deal with the problem of lumbar bone fusion?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) May 5th, 2014

One of my friends has been detected to be suffering from the problem where her lumbar vertebras are fusing together, doc has advised her complete bed rest and operation. Could you suggest something which can prevent her from being operated? She is currently taking physiotherapy sessions at home.

Any cure or ceragem thermal massager?

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Why would you want her not to get proper treatment? There is nothing aside from surgery that would fix bones fusing together.

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She herself doesn’t want to be operated. She is very young like 14.

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Well just tell her that there isn’t any other solution, and it’s best to do it now before it gets worse.

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Have her parents gotten a second opinion? Spinal problems should not be diagnosed by strangers over the internet.

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Miss/Mrs. Gail, she is my cousin and her parents do have their opinion. Everyone is worried. Her parents do not want her to be operated, we are just asking around people or docs who can suggest something other than the invasive surgery.

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This is not a diagnosis ; she already has one. The only thing I can suggest is to try an inversion table. I know two people who use one for what that’s worth. Fewer people try acupuncture or massage. Chiropractors can work wonders if you find the right one.
I fully understand the fear of having back surgery. It doesn’t have the best track record but some are actually fine afterwards. Tough call.
In the past , another poster said, in a previous question regarding this topic, “Darwin’s exercises are wonderful, but some require caution. I started with a Physical Therapist (you need an RX from Doc.), and once we had a program in place (heat, stretching, weight work, treadmill), I was able to do them on my own. I am religious about this.”

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Surgery can be a very disturbing thought for parents especially when their child is so young, but for some people it is the only option as living in constant pain can be unbearable. It would be better to take a second opinion and also make sure you get the best spinal surgeon that you can.Moreover it’s safe to get it done at a younger age because young people repair quickly and also cope with pain generally better, which aids their recovery.

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What is her actual diagnosis? Is this a congenital fusion, or something more like ankylosing spondylitis?

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Because a good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis, the info about this caught my attention and I did further research on it. It sounds as if it MIGHT be possibly helpful in your cousins case.

Evidently there is a relatively new but very effective procedure which eliminates the long scar and approx. Year long recovery time. I saw this on a recent episode of The Doctors.

Obviously you all need to do your own research and evaluation on this to see if it would be appropriate in her case.

But the name of the procedure is MILD (This stands for M.inimally I.nvasive L. umbar D.ecompression)

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If you search on YouTube, there are a number of excellent videos (made by MDs) which explain it more in detail.

It is still an operation but one which uses a few pinpoint incisions and some people are up and about the next day.

It really is a genuine advance in modern medical techniques. Obviously you want to search for the MD in your area who has done the greatest number of the MILD procedures because practice makes perfect.

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