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Would you like to wish all the Jelly Dads a Happy Father's Day?

Asked by janbb (58717points) 1 month ago

Enjoy the day, Dads!

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Happy Father’s Day to all you dads, grandpa’s and women who have had to be both mothers and fathers to their children.

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Happy Happy Fathers Day, jelly Dads!!!

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Happy Father’s Day all you jelly dads!

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Thanks for being there, Dads! Have a grrrreat day!

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Happy Father’s Day Jelly Dads.

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^^ And to you, Haggis Dad!

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On behalf of all fathers named @cookieman, thank you Jelly-people.

I love being a dad and I got orange, wool sneakers and some shirts and shorts this year. Yay!

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Happy Father’s Day, thank you penguin !

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Happy Father’s Day, Dads who double as Jellies!

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@janbb Thank you. No haggis this year, but I did have a nice time.

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That was my 25th Father’s Day, each one as special as the last.
Nice to receive gifts, but of course, my kids are my gift!

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