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What's a good tire for a 2005 Toyota Camary?

Asked by mvgolden (824points) September 11th, 2008

My dad needs new tires for his car and doesn’t trust the tire store for they recommendation. Any idea where to find a unbiased recommendation?

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Round ones work best.

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I told him that they should be made out of rubber, but for some reason he wanted a better answer. Anyone have any ideas?

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They’ve got tones of info and reviews on tires.

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@CameraObsura Thanks! I’ll have him check that out.

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i have radial T/A’s on my mr2, and they havent failed me in the year and a half of aggressive driving that ive put them through…. so im sure theyll do just fine for you

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It depends on where he lives and how he drives. Tires that grip well on dry pavement don’t do well in the snow. Tires made for long life don’t handle as well as tires made for performance. Does he use different tires for winter and summer, or does he want an all-season tire?

The ‘05 Camry V6 XLE takes a 215/60 R16.
The ‘05 Camry base 4cyl takes a 205/65 R15

More information is needed.

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Is lives in Northeast PA. So he is looking for all-season tires that are good in snow.

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Check out they have all of their tires online and a cooper has a very long lifespan. the Cooper CS4 Touring Tire is what i have run for my cars and they all drive and sound much better than before

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Check out There are professional reviews as well as user reviews.

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Here’s another reccomendation for

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I just got a wheel/tire package thru them. Both wheels and tires were on sale, so I got a great price.

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Well, since you asked this question in 2008, it should be time for a new set of tires on your dads car.

Try a set of Michelin Tires from a tire dealer, not WalMart.

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