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Trump Corporation's chief financial guy, Allan Weisselberg, surrendered to authorities today as part of the Trump Corp criminal investigation. How many $$ do you think he embezzled over his 30+ years there?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30421points) 2 months ago

Given that the Trump Corporation played fast and loose with numbers for decades, Weisselberg surely had the opportunity to skim off for himself.

Do you think he kept some for himself, over and above salary? How much?

Which Trumpie will go to jail first?

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I don’t t think he embezzled at all. He didn’t need to. He got his cut of a criminal enterprise. Grifters like Trump make sure that the people they trust their money with are well compensated so that they don’t steal.

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Maybe a pen?

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It’s one of those things no one will ever know. It’s equivalent to asking how many lies Trump dropped in those 4 years. If you’re high on the ladder of what amounts to a 3 decade corporate criminal enterprise, you are certainly a professional thief. But this is nothing compared with what is to come regarding revelations around Trump. There’s going to be one phenomenal scrapbook compiled on Trump and the gangrene rotting any who touch
him. Already the numbers exceed the margins of boredom. Who can keep track, and there is SO much more to come. Just watch and TRY to pay attention.

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They are saying $1.5 million.
The defense say this activity is never prosecuted, so they are pleading not guilty.
So, just because it’s never prosecuted, does that mean it isn’t illegal?

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Embezzled from trump’s family. Could he have gotten away with it without trump knowing? Assuming he tried. If he did and it’s put out there, I can only assume trump would not personally sue him especially at this point.

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Sort of goes back to two old sayings:

Is there no honor among thieves?


The original phrase is ”Quis custodiet ipsos custodes” in Latin, which literally translates to “Who will guard the guards themselves,” the modern version of which has become ”Who watches the watchmen?

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The monies the NY AG is talking about is tax evasion, benefits were received but not accounted for on tax documents, It is typical mobster payments for their employees kids go to a private school paid for by the mob boss, mortgage gets paid by Trump Company . . .

Poor defense “activity is never prosecuted,” which is not true but they had to say something to plead “not guilty”.

I wonder if The Don told them to say that. . . . .? ^^^^

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The charges are not for money stolen (embezzled) but rather for unclaimed perks. And it sounds more as if it were perks from outside the company rather than inside. If it were money stolen from the organization, do you think Trump would still be defending him?

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@seawulf575 nice answer but you didn’t answer my question. You changed the subject.

I know what AW was indicted for. I was specifically asking how much extra Weisselberg embezzled while in the employ of Donald Trump.

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@elbanditoroso Your question implied he stole money from the corporation, which I believe is entirely inaccurate. Is it your idea that we should only answer questions based on false assumption? That we can’t clarify the errors?

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