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Should people who convince others not to take Covid vaccines not take vaccines themselves?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26459points) 3 days ago from iPhone

I’m wondering whether those TV performers and entertainers in Fox News who seem to be anti-vaccine haven’t gotten said vaccine. I think Murdoch who owns Fox News got the vaccine.

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Of course.

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^^How would a person who decided not to take the vaccine due to anti-vaccine news media feel upon seeing that cartoon while in the hospital?

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T 45 got vaccinated and he still spews anti-vax bile.

“More than 99% of COVID-19 deaths and 97% of hospitalizations are among people who have not been vaccinated, according to the CDC.” Source

I’d like to see a certain date, say Sept 1, as a target for 100% After that date a special Covid handling charge will be added to the medical bills of any eligible, non-vaccinated individuals requiring medical assistance.

Also allow individuals to sue other individuals for infecting them if they can provide proof of the source. (This has become much easier and less expensive with recent genetic testing advances.)

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I also think that people who refuse to get vaccinated and get covid, should be left to die without any treatment, and their deaths be ruled as suicides.

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@LuckyGuy The National Guard here is on duty until the state is at 50%.

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Reason for Fox news anchors trashing the vaccine on TV: self-interest.

Reason for Fox news anchors getting the vaccine themselves: self-interest.

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Not necessarily. My BIL got the vaccine and got deathly ill afterwards. He warns all sorts of people against it now.

On the flip side of this question: Should people that push vaccines have to have gotten vaccinated before they are allowed to push it? I remember the article where the CEO of one of the Pharma companies (I think it was Pfizer) still hadn’t gotten vaccinated several months after they started coming out.

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@seawulf575 Mrs Squeeky got really sick for 3 days after her second shot then snapped out of it and is still super glad she got both shots.

I was scared I would get ill after my second shot bot it didn’t bother me at all.
I remember shortly after C-19 started the Don Father was saying on the news that a vaccine was just a few short months away and people were praising him , now the vaccines are here and conservatives don’t want anything to do with it.
Has even this become political ?

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I think the Fox News viewers should put pressure on Fox News to have their talking heads say whether they are vaccinated or not. From what I understand Fox has some sort of identification at work so people know if the employee is vaccinated or not. I am not sure how it works, maybe it is like my husband’s company where you get a sticker on your badge. I saw that Hannity finally said he is vaccinated and people should get vaccinated. I think maybe over at Fox they are starting to get worried about liability at this point. That’s my guess.

Most people trying to CONVINCE OTHERS not to get vaccinated either believe what they are saying and wouldn’t get the shot, or are purposely malicious, and I have no doubt they might be vaccinated and at the same time saying people shouldn’t get vaccinated. We can’t control that.

There are a lot of Democrats and other people who don’t pay much attention to politics not getting vaccinated, it is not just Fox, although Fox has a far and wide reach and it matters. Anti-vax targets multiple groups.

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