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Did you see the flooding in China? See video in details.

Asked by JLeslie (61201points) 1 week ago

The subway flooded and it looks scary as hell. Above ground people were getting swept away. It is incredible. Here is an article with video

Did a damn break, or was just massive rains? I assume it was not a typhoon since it was inland, unless it originated as a typoon.

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No. How awful. They must’ve been terrified in the subway.

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Yepper. It was all over the news.

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So my friend just asked me “how is it you were one of the first to hear about the new Chik Fil A (restaurant) coming to town but you knew nothing about China flooding. Apparently Chik Fil A is high alert on my newsfeed.

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It was due to extremely heavy rain that fell on the city of Zhengzhou last Tuesday. 624mm in one day and a third of that between 16:00 and 17:00, that’s 8 inches of rain in an hour which is pretty incredible.

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Apparently there is a lot more to the story. Something like 2 dams and 20 bridges were washed out. Also there is a lot of criticism about how the uation was handled.
Water was released from a dam but the people 10 hours downstream were not warned.
When the subway started to flood no one wanted to be responsible for shutting it down so they kept it running.
A traffic filled tunnel was not shut down until it was flooded. Toll booths were not letting people through even though it was clear the tunnel needed to be evacuated quickly.
We will see many low level employees taking the fall for this.

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