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Did you know that today is National Junk Food Day?

Asked by Jeruba (51696points) 6 days ago

At our house, junk food is referred to as Vitamin J.

How do you plan to observe this occasion?

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Yes! And I ate pie a la mode with whipped cream at a diner with some friends earlier, and now I am regretting it! :-D

ETA it’s also Hot Dog Day.

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Oh, great news! I had a bad day, so I made my favourite comfort food casserole: tortilla chips on top of baked beans, all topped with cheese. So good.

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I knew those potato chips were looking particularly chipper today!

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Root beer float! Twice the crime.

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I’m good just ate two cookies and a doughnut.
Oh is it observed in Canada?

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No I had no idea, wish I had junk food. If I did I would pick a coffee ice cream with chocolate syrup.

I’ll be crying over here with my hummus and Triscuits. :(

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@canidmajor, good thing you got the pie down before you started regretting it.

@longgone, that sounds . . . yeah.

@janbb, hope you also have some good old California dip to go with them.

@stanleybmanly, well done.

@SQUEEKY2, it is now.

@KNOWITALL, you break my heart. I’m having some Doritos, watermelon, a McD quarter pounder, and ice cream, in that order. Next time, mark your calendar.

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The thought of @Jeruba eating Doritas and a McD makes my head spin.

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@longgone, I just realized that you probably don’t mean what I think of as baked beans. Cannot imagine them with cheese.

@janbb, I do take a day off now and then from all that caviar and lobster. Sometimes I even have to eat my words.

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Thank you for posting this. I feel like I have permission to eat some snack food I purchased.

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The weather has been unusually warm and sunny over here and I have eaten a lot of ice cream. I hadn’t heard of National Junk Food Day but I couldn’t have eaten much more anyway.

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So my assumption that half of the population celebrate National Junk Food Day every day is a wrong one?

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Had a pineapple and baloney pizza and BBQ wings.

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@Jeruba No pork or molasses, but probably pretty similar. I used Heinz Baked Beans. I know it sounds strange, but it is actually awesome :)

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For some people it would make more sense to have a healthy food day.

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@rebbel I think it really depends on the person. At times we indulge but we try not to keep much in the house since it makes it easy to go overboard.
If I want sweets, I bake cookies, pancakes or oatmeal instead. Gotta work for it in my house! Haha

My grandparents always had lots of sweets and gave us limits, so sweets have always been a treat rather than a daily thing.

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No, but I extremely uncharacteristically ate two (high quality, no corn syrup) chocolate peanut butter cups, and had some plain rice as a snack. Hmm.

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@Zaku Yum! I love plain rice.
Do you use a rice cooker and what kind of rice? I use Kapok cooker and Jasmine rice. I’m going to make a delicious curry at home this weekend and I can’t wait.

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@longgone, that’s the key difference. The beans themselves might be the same, but the molasses vs. tomato difference is huge. Tomatoes of course welcome cheese.

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@KNOWITALL It was long grain Thai jasmine rice (Mahatma brand), cooked with water in a pot on a stove top. Extra plain rice after having used it for dinner – a spicy lentil curry.

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@Jeruba In England they eat Heinz beans on buttered toast. You just never know where beans have been.

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Woah, so there’s no tomato sauce with those American beans! My mind is blown. Do they still taste good?

@janbb Yes, yum.

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@longgone I think Heinz beans are pretty much the same in both countries; there are just many other brands and varieties here such as the ones @Jeruba linked.

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@Zaku Jasmine is the best, I don’t care what anyone else says. I’m using Thai Jasmine from Vietnam/Cambodia. Usually I use my Japanese curry cubes because it’s easier than my loose powder.
I use a lot of veggies, like green beans, carrots, green onion, small red potatoes and maybe some small chicken slices. Mmmm, I’m craving it so badly right now. I haven’t tried lentil curry, good idea!

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Geez, you guys are way too highbrow for me. Beans and jasmine rice? Not anywhere close to junk food in my world!!! I am cretin enough to think of m&ms and potato chips as junk.

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^^ Say it, Sistuh!

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I just had shrimp salad on whole wheat crackers for lunch, followed by watermelon (which I like) and two, count “em, two Russell Stover pecan delights. That’s what I call a balanced meal!

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@canidmajor You sound like my husband!! He is put out with me for not buying any sweets for him this week. His wish list is powdered donuts. tons of Coke, cookies, Stax chips, ice cream, etc….but he never wants to go to the store so I just won’t buy it. (Evil, I know but his family are all diabetes-prone.)

And hey, a lot of curry in the States is sweetened with coconut milk, it’s a real treat for me! My husband eats it with butter and sugar and it just about kills me to see.

I’m going to the store after work, I’ll get a big King-sized Zero bar and eat it all. haha!

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danged that i missed it. I’ll make up for it tomorrow !!!!!

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