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Can you ask GPS or Google map, etc, what's between x and y streets?

Asked by flo (13313points) 2 months ago

If so, does it ask you “At what address?” or “In what borough?” etc., before it can answer that question.

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Do you mean look for a location by the cross streets? Or, you mean stores between two streets?

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the easiest thing to do is to find it on the map and then focus in tightly. The close in you get, the more detail about each address you will see.

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GPS, no. GPS just tells you where you are.

Google Maps you can “ask” by zooming in the view without having any search selected. But Google Maps also LOVES to show you what’s advertised with them, or what it feels like showing you, not everything.

Google Earth (or other less evil brands of map, where available, such as Michelin in Europe) tends to work better for that.

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@JLeslie and @elbanditoroso and Zaku, I mean if someone says to you ’‘There is a street between street x and street y’’ (i.e parallel to them, too many people think ’’the street ’‘between’’ means the intersection,) but ’‘they can’t remember the name or the corner street’’, then you pose a question :
’‘What is a street beween street x and street y’’?
’‘What are the streets between streets x and street y in borough z?’’,
‘What are the streets between 1200 and 9000 street name y?’’
So, where do you pose that question if it’s Michelin Europe which @Zaku mentioned?
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@flo Just put in one of the streets and then zoom in on the map.

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@JLeslie they are both longer than long streets, I mean they go on forever.

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…I mean the street in question could be anywhere.

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If I put a street name, city, and state in Maps the program picks a location on that street. If it’s a long street and you want a specific location then put one in and zoom in on that area.

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Yeah, and you need to zoom in quite close and scroll down the street, or else Google Maps (or Bing Maps) will hide some of the locations.

I don’t see much in the way of web sites that actually just let you search “34th Ave, Seattle, WA” and give you a full list of every place they know about on that street. It IS possible to query their databases that way using an Advanced Programmer Interface, but I don’t see any handy free apps that do that.

The Internet is full of web sites, and the world is full of software, though, so there probably is something somewhere. It’d be a pretty easy program to write.

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@JLeslie “If it’s a long street and you want a specific location”, But the specific location/s is what is being asked for. “Where are the locations where there is/are street/s between street x and street y”?
@Zaku How do I know where to zoom in unless I get the answer, to the question?

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I would look at the map to see where the streets are on the map, by following each street in question from beginning to end, and then choose a path to search that will cover that area, zoom in about as far as it will let me, and then scroll along all the streets seeing what i find.

Unfortunately, they tend to hide some locations from you unless you zoom in quite close, but you can always see what street you are looking at, and just follow it.

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If there is no other way, I guess, since it sounds like it would take a long long time.

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Yeah, depending on how big the area you want to search is, it can be quite tedious and frustrating. Google Maps clearly could be programmed to be much more useful, in many obvious ways, such as showing everything, or letting you search a region as you suggest, or showing the types of things you have shown interest in before, or letting you tell it not to show you certain sorts of things, or even just letting you get a list sorted the way you want, such as best-rated-by-customers first, but no….

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Thanks all

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