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Is it possible to create/market green-colored salt?

Asked by JackAdams (6507points) September 12th, 2008

As everyone knows (who has ever seen salt under a microscope), it is a clear crystalline substance and is not “white,” as some folks erroneously claim.

But, could a green color be added to it, so that it could more easily be seen, when you are sprinkling it on your eggs at breakfast?

The reason I ask this, is because sometimes, not being able to tell how much salt I’ve already sprinkled on my food, I once in awhile over-salt something, and with my high blood pressure “issues,” that’s really ill-advised.

The reason I suggested the color green, is because paprika is already red, and pepper is already black or brown (and I guess a green variety also exists, but I have never seen it), so green seemed like a possibility, for those of us who wish to know how much of that spice we are putting on our various foods.

(Please refrain from comments about Green Eggs & Ham, or trying to nickname me, Sam I Am. Thank you!)

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That’s a very good idea and I don’t see why you couldn’t just add some food-colouring to salt. To cover your bases, if you feel that it’ll be used often with paprika, I would use a colour other than green. One of the more common forms of colour blindness is the inability to differentiate between red and green (predominantly in men, but still).

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You can get black salt and pink salt. You could probably color it with food coloring for a DIY task, but you can buy it already black or pink.

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Please describe where I can obtain it in those colors. I’ve never seen it in any color ofther than “clear,” except in a movie theater, where it was yellow, but that was explained as being a butter/salt combination, to add to the buttery flavor of popcorn, to which I am hopelessly (and incurably) addicted

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Shoot! I had the green eggs comment already on the tip of my tongue….

If you have high blood pressure, should you be using any salt? There are other things like Mrs. Dash that you could sprinkle on things (and her spices are colored) that could help you see what’s on your food, make it taste better AND help with your blood pressure! :0)

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Salt substitutes don’t supply the salty taste that I crave, on certain foods.

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They already have green salt.

It’s usually used to salt the rims of glasses, especially when serving margaritas. It wouldn’t necessarily be “easier to see” when you put it on food because it, like all salt, dissolves and doesn’t really stay green once mixed in.

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Here’s a recipe for making your own

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@EmpressPixie & jballou & Harp: I’m very grateful for your feed back (forgive the intentional pun).

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Here’s Harp’s link, now clickable.

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Thanks! Duly noted, and added to my “Favorites” list.

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@JackAdmas checkout they have one of the biggest selections of salt online.

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Thanks! Again, noted!

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