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Do you agree with the Republicans' 2024 slogan "America isn't racist"?

Asked by Demosthenes (12616points) 1 month ago

Why or why not?

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It is a denial of reality.

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Maybe America isn’t but too many Republicans are.

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What a stupid, stupid slogan…
No direction, no vision, no change, no message.
Just a childish, fictitious, untrue answer to something that’s so obvious and so common that half the country has to deal with the excesses of it on a daily basis.

America is as racist as America is obese.
The nation isn’t racist, the nation isn’t obese.
But many people, and institutions, are racist.
And many people are obese.

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America itself isn’t racist. But there’s shit-ton of racism left in our culture, and most of it is concentrated in the Republican Party. Especially in the Trump supporting part of the Republican Party.

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Is that their actual, official slogan?

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I think that it is generally correct. The USA has laws against discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, disability or age (Title VII Civil Rights Act, 1964).
In the USA we have black professionals in every field including doctors, lawyers, judges, military generals, members of the US Congress, Vice President and a past President.

I don’t think that systemic racism is real or exists. It is a made bunch of lies designed to divide people into oppressors and victims (winners and losers) based on skin color. So ridiculous.

Of course there are criminals that discriminate. When they are found out and caught they face paying a big price.

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America is not racist. Some people are, but as a country, we are not. My whole life I have wished we would free Cuba. I have no ody down there, but it is so close to us, and they have suffered from the moment we pulled out of it.

That was when Hawaiian sugar
started being heavily advertised here.

Edit: however, I don’t think race makes a good slogan for anyone.

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LMAO! Yeah, whoever came up with that one should go into stand up. “God damn Gump, you’re a god damn genius!”

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That is true for now.

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Is this an Onion article or our actual reality?

The Democratic 2024 slogan is going to be Are too!

Maybe with a donkey sticking out its tongue?

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Me thinks they doth protest too much.

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What was wrong with Make America Great Again Again?

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How about… “Let’s Be Honest, We Don’t Really Care About You.”

And, for the Democrats… “We Mostly Mean Well, But Can Never Get Our Act Together.”

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@cookieman I think you sum both parties up nicely. Jesse Ventura has been saying pretty much the same thing, for years.

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Doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you associate yourself with a negative concept and plant that concept into the public consciousness knowing it’s bound to provoke opposing views…unless provocation is the intended goal?

(Darn. Just answered my own question…!)

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@flutherother That slogan is Trumps slogan not the republicans slogan.

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@KRD My mistake. It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference.

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