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Can eating the blood that forms over an injury poison you?

Asked by Locknesswannabe (10points) 1 month ago

So I currently have a “buddy” in nursery school and he was picking at one of his cuts. This ended up being a really bad habit and one day he hit his finger really hard on a stove at his home and blood started to swell at his index finger. Well when I was with him I saw him nibbling and eating away at the calloused finger. I yanked his finger out of his mouth and I had seen he had eaten the blood that clotted the injury. It looks like there is no bleeding, is he going to be ok?

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Infection could happen.
Worrying behavior to say the least.

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Should be fine. It’s kind of gross though.

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I have to agree with @Caravanfan on this one.

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Shouldn’t somebody tell the OP that human blood is not a poisonous substance to the human who owns it? Otherwise we’d all be dead the first time we sucked on a paper cut. Never mind the fact that the vampire movies would all end differently.

Human blood isn’t poisonous to anything, is it?—considering the number of other critters that are happy to chomp, suck, gnaw, chew, snack, and feast on us. Can you picture the lions taking one bite of an unlucky victim in the Roman arena and falling over dead?

Munching on scabs is gross, all right, but let’s not start wearing FDA warning labels.

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No its not toxic and it won’t poison him. However, it can potentially lead to an infection in his finger. A dab of antiseptic cream will help, until it scabs over again.

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No. He’ll be fine.
Please, no more “yanking.”

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