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Is AAA accident insurance a good idea?

Asked by Jeruba (51856points) 1 month ago

Looking ahead, I don’t see myself becoming a better driver. I’ve never had an accident, but there’ve been a couple of close calls.

Have you had any experience with insurance through AAA? Good, bad, mixed? Any hassles with claims?

Premiums in the $20/month range don’t sound bad, but it all adds up. Figuring out what’s worth an ongoing expense is harder than it used to be, so I’m interested in your comments and suggestions.

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Here’s a good source of car insurance reviews .

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I am unfamiliar with AAA accident insurance. Would this be in addition to regular insurance? If so, I believe it is a waste. If you have full coverage from a reputable insurance company, you have adequate protection. If this is a whole, stand-alone policy, then it sounds like a good deal. AAA is a good company with a well earned reputation.

I pay for their roadside assistance program and have needed it twice. I was very glad to have it.

I’m sorry that I don’t have exact experience with their insurance. I hope I’m not out of line giving you my perspective.

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I get my Progressive through AAA, and I have been very satisfied. There have been a couple of situations, and they took care of it quickly and to my satisfaction.

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$240/per year would not buy you much coverage if you had an accident. You want to look into what coverages are provided in that policy. If your car is older, you are mainly concerned with having enough liability coverage in case you cause an accident.

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I never bought AAA because my car insurance would cover a tow if I needed it.

If you have a newer car it might come with breakdown service the first few years so you wouldn’t even need to worry about your car insurance covering being towed. Don’t assume obviously.

AAA also has some travel planning services, discounts at hotels. There must be additional perks I’m not very familiar with.

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^^^^^ @JLeslie the roadside assistance and the travel planning are separate from AAA car insurance.

I have AAA insurance, no points on my record since 2008, new car so safe my insurance went down. But I have never hear anyone getting just basic liability insurance for $240 a year. $1,000 a year is more like it.

I have two cars on my insurance: my daughters 1998 Toyota Avalon, and my 2021 CRV Hybrid. My annual insurance bill here in California is $1,800 or so a per year.

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@zenvelo. My cars are older so I dropped comp and collision. I pay $1,000/year for good liability limits for the two cars
to an NJ company

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@zenvelo I also carry my daughter on my plan.

Without looking, I can’t remember how much it is.

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I’ve had AAA on home and car for years. They’re not the cheapest but never an issue with claims.

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@zenvelo The price was so low I thought it was roadside. Thank you for the correction.

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We have AAA for home and Geico for car. We had claims for both in late 2019. Both were good. We migrated from Farmers because of their higher prices. In fact Farmers raised our rate after I crashed my car and made a claim. Geico didn’t penalize for non-injury accidents, so was a no-brainer.

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We have AAA for all our drivers, and extended family, plus house and life insurance. We have been members for years and have used their trip planners, out of gas service, flat tire service, collision service (towing), ticket and lodging discounts and more. I heartily recommend them.

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Thanks, all. One of many things I’m just not savvy about. I guess I need to check first to be sure what all my current auto policy covers.

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