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Have you ever said anything on Fluther that could compromise a future job?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24350points) August 20th, 2021

I might have.

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We don’t use our real names so how could you be in trouble?

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No. But then I was taught never to say anything that would embarrass my mother. That applies on and offline as far as I’m concerned.

And I never underestimate the ability of individuals to monitor someone’s online activity if they choose to do so. I’m paranoid like that. So I never say anything on any platform that might compromise my freedom or my job security.

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@SABOTEUR I’m paranoid about online activity, too. My sister thinks I’m overzealous because I don’t even have a FB account. She says I can control the amount of info I make public. Yeah…and then FB can research me and find out much more – and they’ve done it to many many people.

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Well… probably.

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@smudges I work for the federal government. When I log onto my laptop each day I’m greeted with a warning:

“You should have no expectation of privacy.”

If you are the tinyest bit observant online you notice ads or get email that just happen to appear for products you’ve recently searched for.

Applied for or received a credit card? You get bombarded with new credit card or loan applications.

How many insurrectionists were arrested through being tracked by their online presence?

Ever have a telemarketer call you and know your name and address? Where’d they get that information?

Ever search your own name online? I have. The results were not 100% accurate, but accurate enough to dispel any illusion of privacy I thought I had. Names, aliases, addresses, phone numbers, relatives, employment history, social media presence, criminal record…readily available for anyone willing to pay for it.

Facebook and Fluther are the least of our worries. There is more than enough personal information about us online that could potentially harm us. Anyone believing they’re protected online is sadly mistaken.

The best protection for us would be to leave no digital footprint anywhere. The chance of that happening is virtually nonexistent. The very least we can do is avoid “putting our feet in our mouths” when using social media.

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I used to use my work computer all the time for Facebook and Fluther, and shopping. I worked for the government. I never had a problem but if they wanted to, just the fact that I was doing personal stuff on a work computer, on work time (while getting paid) could have been an issue.

As for things I wrote, sure, if someone wanted to they could have taken stuff, especially from Fluther where I tend to put more of my thoughts down, and it could have been used against me successfully.

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I’m planning to avoid trying to work for anyone who would object to anything I’ve posted on Fluther. So far, none of them would, I think. Even if a psycho stalker somehow figured out which real person posts on Fluther as Zaku, and then psychopathically also found some way to communicate that to a future prospective employer of mine.

So, I’d say no.

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No, but only because there will be no future jobs to be compromised. I have always been somewhat careful in what I post online but I’m sure I’ve said things that some people might object to.

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@SABOTEUR You’re preachin’ to the choir. ;)

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@smudges Yeah. Annoys me as well.

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My constant and unabashed love of (obsession with?) cookies would surely cost me a job as a nutritionist or health coach.

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While I’ve said plenty of “un-woke” things here, there’s little tying my Fluther account to my real life and that’s been pretty deliberate on my part. My public profiles like Instagram and Facebook that an employer could potentially see don’t include anything the least bit scandalous.

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Well, not leaving any digital footprint usually makes employers suspicious. You also want to at least have an account on social media platforms you don’t use so you can lock them down. Anonymous forums like this are a halfway decent way to voice your actual opinions. Things like IP address logs let the moderators of places like this know who you are though. There are ways to surf anonymously if you want. The ads always seem to find you though.

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