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When you're watching video on the iPod Nano 4G, does the Menu button become the rewind button?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) September 12th, 2008

Do the play, menu and skip forward/backward buttons on the iPod Nano 4G (the new one) remain in the same configuration when the device is rotated, or does it rotate what each button does 90 degrees so that skip forward/backward is still left and right?

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Nope. The menu button is ALWAYS the menu button.

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Of course not, that would be confusing! Apple is not confusing

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No, they stay as labeled.

It would be cool, though, to have little OLED screens where the text on the menu / play/pause buttons are, so that they always appear upright.

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yeah, if they turned to the exact angle you were holding it :D
Well, that might nock up the price a lot for a small thing… Ah well, we can always hope :p

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It might, but I doubt it. The accelerometer is already there, and from our experience with the granularity from iPhone/ iPod touch, the sensor can tell. Programming for that wouldn’t be hard either.

That said, it certainly adds production value to the device, which they would want to capitalize on. Then again, the price points for the iPod lines are rather set-in-stone.

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Yeah I was just thinking about how weird it would feel to skip through videos by effectively pressing the button pointing ‘up’ when in video mode to track through video… It would feel weird!

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