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Which Apple music player i should buy?

Asked by panspermia (308points) November 11th, 2009

I’ve been thinking to buy Apple mp3/mp4 player.. You know Apple introduces us the 5th gen of ipod. On the other hand there is this ipod touch! I can’t decide which one to buy,both of their feature’s are good…Here is the summary:
**Nano 5th Generation has;
-video camera
-FM radio with live pause

**Ipod Touch:
-watching movie
-run apps
-wireless connection

What do you think i might have it?

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Most phones have camera’s on them and some have radio now so I would go with the touch

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Definatly the iPod touch :) if u want something more modest, an iPod nano will do the trick. They are relatively inexpensive, and have some nice features

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The iPod touch offers more bang for the buck. It’s really a computer in your pocket.

The iPod nano is awesome… but I think it’s more for those who need that specific form factor (like for running/exercise) or really just want the camera and/or radio.

I prefer to run with a nano. I prefer to interact with the touch.

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@robmandu thats what i am asking for !!! thats why i cannot decide which one to buy! nano is smaller and pretty but touch is awesome at the same time !!

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The iPod touch is pretty slim. Unless you’re gonna be jostling around a lot (like jogging), I wouldn’t sweat the size difference.

Will you need to interact with it without looking at it – like when running? To skip a song or change the volume slightly? Yes? Get the nano.

Or you can drop more coin to get the touch with one of those headphones-with-remotes-built-into-the-line.

For my money, I’d still get the touch.

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@robmandu LOL you still confusing me!!

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Got a Wal-Mart – or better yet, an Apple Store – where you can put your hands on some?

Try that. Get to know them first, if you can.

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it can be good ! you are right ! but i am already plus cons on nano!

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I really like my iPod Touch. I was at Burger King the other day and got a few open wifi connections. I was able to check my email and browse the Internet. There is even open connections at the two bus stops I use the most.

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You can definitely do more with the touch, but I think it is a bit more fragile with the big screen, I have seen a couple where the screens have been cracked.

I have a Nano 4th generation and I love it because it is so small but you can still watch movies on it.

But if the smaller size is not a big deal to you and you keep the touch in a case, that is probably the way to go.

of have one of both!

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I must admit I was quite jealous when me and a mate were in the pub and both had to get trains to different places, I phoned my wife to check the train times and my mate just whipped out his touch (oo err) and checked his, I would still rather have a wife than an iPod Touch though

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@rooeytoo :: I take naps all the time and forget to take it out of my pocket. The screen hasn’t shattered yet. I don’t use a case and the screen isn’t even scratched and I keep it in the same pocket as my lighter. The back is scratched to hell. But the damn thing is durable. I have dropped mine on concrete a few times.

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@johnpowell – the ones I see have really had a rough life I will admit. I am sure that the average person would probably have a lot less trouble with them! I said the same about iphone and the same comments were made. I guess I just see the worst cases!

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