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Is there a way to upload movies onto the Ipod?

Asked by loveurmindnsoul (380points) May 1st, 2009

If so, how ?

Thanks =D

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You have to rip them into your computer using Handbrake or a similar app. Use the setting that prepares them for an iPod, then drag them into your iTunes library. If they still don’t work, go into the advanced tab on the iTunes menu bar and click on the convert for iPod/iPhone. Sometimes takes forever but works for MOST movies.

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That looks really good but of course is only PC, I feel so discriminated against!!!

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Handbrake for Macs. Rip it so that it plays in iTunes, and then sync it to your iPod with iTunes.

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You have to convert the movies to .mov format. Usually, you have converter software for this procedure, i use total video converter. Once you convert, the process is the same as how you add audio files to your ipod

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