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What kind of bug is this?

Asked by hoosier_banana (824points) September 12th, 2008

Sorry for the poor pic, the bug is only about 1cm, it has a proboscis and rears up when threatened, I am in Wilmington Delaware.

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I don’t know the exact name of it, but it looks very familiar to me.

As I recall, it’s only found near Islamic temples in Ecuador.

It is the MosqueQuito.

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Bugs freak me out pretty severely or I’d look some more myself, but you should take a peek at these sites to see if they help you out:

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It looks like a baby praying mantis.

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Looks like Omarosa’s offspring, oh no she had babies?????!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I don’t know, it looks like egges to me…maybe fluther has an entomologist and they could verify what it is.

Where is Grissom when you need him!

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Possibly a katydid(sp)? They are similar to grasshoppers, and have bulges on their legs to produce sound.

Edit: Never mind, katydids’ bodies are much larger.

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I retract my earlier guess at baby preying mantis

The head and body are wrong.

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Here is an earlier question about that very same bug or a close relative. Lots of interesting guesses and pics.(Macbean gave you the site: It was a wheel bug.)

Bugs that bite

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It’s the nymph stage of the Assasin Bug. Here’s another picture.

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I was just going to post that, “The Assassin is always an option.”

Thanks, Harp.

(Now, I don’t have to do that, so I won’t.)

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Harp is an entomologist too? Wow!

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Here’s another view (scroll down to “Life Cycle”)

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edit (fixed link)

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Paralocust I guess

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Harp got it , it was a zelus species nymph! Great links everyone is a great site. Look out, apparently all assassin bugs can bite, even the little nymphs. Steer well clear of them, it is a very painful bite. Thanks again.

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