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Where is Excel installed on my PC?

Asked by kfingerman (992points) September 13th, 2008

It’s wherever the initial install put it. I want to add some add-in software and it needs me to tell it where to go. All I can find are shortcuts…

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Should be in your local disk (C:), under programs and in the microsoft office folder.

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Depending on what version, it will be in a folder named slightly differently. If you have Office version 10, you can look for it here:

C:\program files\microsoft office\office10\excel.exe

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should have been more specific…where are the files for its add-ins? I’m installing a super-solver and need to know where the solver package is…

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what version office/excel do you have?

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I have office 2003. In the program files there are office 10, office 11, and office 12 folders, but most everything is in the office 11 folder

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i have office 2007 and most stuff is in office 12 folder. can you link to this super-solver thing you speak of?

edit – i just checked for my excel. add ins are in office 12.

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no, it’s on a disk. It’s just an update/steroid for the solver add-in and it wants to be installed in the same place as the original add-ins

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Ok. open Excel, go to Tools > Add-ins > Browse. And see if you can figure out the folder from there. (i can do that through excel 2007).

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Thanks PnL. That was a great idea. It got me some of the way there, but while it found me a file, it wasn’t there. I did some more poking though, and found it in…

C://program files/microsoft office/office11/library/solver

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oh goood!!! problem solved. yay!

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If you had a Mac, you would simply look in the “Applications” folder.

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