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1,145 days until November 5, 2024. That is the next presidential election. Who do you think will run?

Asked by chyna (46911points) 4 weeks ago from iPhone

I’m leaning towards Paul Ryan, and I’m a Democrat. I don’t think Biden will run again and Kamala Harris has not impressed me. Yet.
Who do you think will run, and more importantly, who do you WANT to see in the White House?
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For Democrats?

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Either or both.

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“I’m leaning towards Paul Ryan, and I’m a Democrat.”
– What? Why?

“Who do you think will run, and more importantly, who do you WANT to see in the White House?”
– Too soon for me to think much about.
– I want the closest thing to an environmentalist I can get, and someone who is as far away from 99% of current Republican representatives as we can get.

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Sanders will probably try again.
The Orangutan, definitely.
Some of Agent Orange’s spawn, possibly.
Maybe the governour of Florida, Florida-man.

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SANDERS 2024! That’s who I want, that’s who we need. Wake the hell up America! I want to see an ocean of blue Bernie hats! I only voted Biden / Harris as the lesser of the two evils anyway.

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@Nomore_lockout You do know Bernie will be 83 years old if he is to take office then? I think we need someone younger with more energy and of course knowledge of how to run the country.

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Maybe you can convince AOC to run for office.

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Bernie is the Man with the answers. Fresh answers. No more Republicans and Republican Lite (Dems). Republicans care only for the super elite, Dems talk a big show but do absolutely nothing. They can’t even produce when they have a majority. And if the Trumpers get in again, I’m going out into a pasture and play Russian Roulette.

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I vote AOC.

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I predict that the candidates will be rich, self-aggrandising narcissists and psychopaths.

On the Republican side, the candidates will be fucking insane.

On the Democrat side, the candidates will be be sanctimonious.

If it were up to me, it would still be Sanders as President. Far from perfect, but he has integrity and decency. Unfortunately Sanders won’t run, and AOC is probably a fraud.

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I could go for Ryan, or Jo Jorgensen, both have some interesting ideas.

You are all making my dad so happy with the AOC mentions. He absolutely adores her, met her and shows off ‘their’ picture as often as possible.

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From the Repubs, I think you can count on Trump running again. You might see DeSantis as well. From the Dems I think you can bet Harris will run. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary ran again. Bernie will be in the field as well.

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Most of the candidates mentioned so far should be in a rest home not the White House. You need someone younger. I’d like to see AOC win in 2024.

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