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What will become the fastest growing jobs in the future?

Asked by Inspired_2write (13233points) 3 weeks ago

This link provides a clue to which jobs will decline and which will survive this change that is coming about.
What do you think about this, and how will this change you.
link in the comments is provided.

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Grave diggers.

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Deliverers (of a growing list of products).
Fysio therapists (mobile phone use, think neck, arms, thumbs, etc.)

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Truck drivers.

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Microbiologists / scientists

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I think that on line warehousing jobs i.e. Amazon will be a big thing. Online shopping is slowly edging out chain stores like Walmart, in the same way that Walmart and discount stores like Costco have edged out the old brick and mortor, mom and pop town square places of yesteryear. Just speculating here.

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