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How do I respond to a question using .@soandso?

Asked by omtatsat (904points) 1 month ago

I can’t see how to do this?

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@omtatsat Like this (type @ immediately followed by the CORRECTLY SPELLED name of the user you reply to).

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Once you type in ””, a list of Jellies who have commented on the thread will pop up, and you can highlight one and click enter on it, and it will populate next to the “at” sign. If someone hasn’t commented on the thread, their name won’t come up. For example, on this thread, @jca2 and @rebbel and @omtatsat come up after typing ”.”

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I think @jca2 means @ and not ”.

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@kneesox: Yeah, when I put the @ sign in between quotes, it just displays the quotes.

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Unless you’re accessing Fluther with a mobile device:

Type the @ symbol in the answer box.

As soon as you’ve done this, a list of participants in the thread will drop down from the bottom of the answer box.

Select one of them.

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