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If you only had one temperature setting for your oven, what would it be?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44183points) 1 month ago

As asked.

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350 is sometimes not hot enough so 375 would be perfect. I often bake things at 400 but some things require less.

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350 handles most things for me although I do access other temps too.

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375 because all my frozen dinners say that

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0. I’d rather get malfunctioning electronics fixed before using them.

Alternatively, 400. I could get a thermometer to check when the over reaches a certain temp and then turn it off and on to get the needed temperature… but really I’d probably just not use it.

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350 probably

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350* F anything else I’d use my charcoal smoker, gas fired pizza oven or gas grill !

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Although it would dry out some cakes a little. I would maybe turn off the oven before it was completely done so the temperature would come down the last 15 minutes. For chicken and beef the 375 would be fine, I cook at 400 a lot of the time.

The only problem is pizza is better at 425–450.

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Cakes, steaks, Mushrooms, casseroles.

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Mamma Bear does all the baking in my clan. She won’t allow me near her oven. : (

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350 is what the oven goes to automatically before a specific temperature is to be entered.

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I rarely use anything other than 180C

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You can do most basic recipes with 350.

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