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Will you rename your favourite movie to a click bait YouTube title?

Asked by rebbel (33287points) 1 month ago

Clickbait is a text or a thumbnail link that is designed to attract attention and to entice users to follow that link and read, view, or listen to the linked piece of online content, being typically deceptive, sensationalized, or otherwise misleading.

Here’s an example (borrowed from Twitter):


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“Genius Way to Find Out if Your Princess Bride Has Been Cheating! Just watch this (contains ads, spam, virus, and boring shit)!!”

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“Find out if there’s buried pirate treasure in your town with this one weird trick…”

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Twenty questions to ask strangers before killing them.

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Realistic blood and gore on D Day, and no patriotic music sound track.

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Please post some more of your vociferously over-the-top click bait!

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The Oscar for best clickbait titles goes to…....

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“4 INSANE reasons you should commit suicide RIGHT NOW – the last reason will BLOW YOUR MIND”

Lmao! ▲ Now this is I’m talkin’ about: some YouTube-gettin’-sued-into-bankruptcy click bait! :-0

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Poor Mimi.
After all our hyperbolic exaltation of her click baiting, she’s been working SO hard to give us a SECOND encore, that she’s passed out at her keyboard. :P

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You are on FIRE!

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Now comes the hard part.

For which title should @Mimishu1995 receive the award?

I nominate “Two ways to destroy a nuclear-density monster, when your supposedly ‘guardian’ robot turns out to be a freakin’ pacifist!” :p

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Drumroll – Envelope please @Brian1946. And the Fluther Award for best (Multiple) Awnser goes to: @Mimishu1995!!! For her awnser, uh- what Brian said. Moving right along…

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@Brian that’s your title, not mine :)

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@Mimishu1995 Whoops, my bad. ;p

I nominate “4 INSANE reasons you should commit suicide RIGHT NOW – the last reason will BLOW YOUR MIND”, an original click bait title based on the synopsis of “The Fire Within”.

This is an apropos tribute to your internal furnace, where this gem was forged!

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