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In /r/goforgold on Reddit, what kind of award should be awarded for a 500 word story?

Asked by AsksQuestions (114points) September 29th, 2021

I’ve found out on the Internet that writers charge about 10–25 dollars for their work per 500 words, suggesting I should offer 2 platinums. However, I have also gotten somebody to produce 500 words with just gold.

What kind of award is best?

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Why don’t you check out the rule and/or observe how other users operate?

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There are no rules having to do with how I should award writers on the subreddit. The only other user I’ve seen is somebody asking for haikus, he gave gold. Platinum is greater than that, but I still don’t know whether to give one or two platinums. I’m going to guess one as somebody has given me writing with one platinum. Does anybody think two is better?

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The only rules in the /r/goforgold subreddit having to do with how I should award writers state that I should be reasonable, which is what I’m doing.

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Seems logical to ask the reddit people this question. Since this is fluther, I/we probably have no idea what you’re even talking about.

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^^ I agree. Sort of like going to Kansas City to ask people the best way to get around in Atlanta.

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