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What is the smallest piece of silver that one can buy/or rent?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) May 30th, 2013

Like a single flake, just big enough to touch without a covering of plastic.

Or to sit in a vault full of gems.

How much would I have to pay to be able to hold a piece of silver/gold/platinum… just for 10 minutes?

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Tour a smelting company and I bet that they would let you touch a finished product?

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I’d let you hold one of my sterling silver tea spoons for an hour and not charge you a thing. It has been used however.

You can buy ten sterling silver 3 mm beads (for making jewelry) for a little over $1.00


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Just find a pre 1965 dime and carry it around in your pocket. They were 90% silver and 10% copper.

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Pay just to touch it? You can try on a silver or platinum ring in a jewelry store. Maybe 10 minutes would seem odd though. As @gailcalled suggested you can buy jewelry beads, although the platinum might be pricey. Pure gold will be not as easy to get a hold of, most jewelry is 14k or 18k in America. Pure silver is easy to find. I seem to remember platinum jewelry has a little bit of something else in it? Maybe someone else knows. Possibly the older jewelry doesn’t. I would happily let you hold my jewelry for 10 minutes if a piece met your criteria, maybe a friend or relative of yours can help you out?

I don’t know if maybe you can buy gold leaf in an art store? I don’t know what karat it is. Silver leaf also.

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I think that you want to touch the raw form of silver right? Not the products like jewelery?

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I just remembered my parents were given gold flakes when they mined for gold in Alaska. Google gold flakes or silver flakes and I bet you will get some information. Or, do you want it still attached to rock?

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$1,000?! This is $6. I am not recommending that site, it’s just what came up for me.

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I wonder how many ounces of gold is in these each?:
For $6.00 one could collect a full ounce of gold and get over $1300.00 for it.
(I cannot beleive that these are pure gold)

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@Inspired_2write It’s a good question. Absolutely the OP needs to find out if it is pure gold. I think they are very small.

If the metal is pure, why would it matter if it is a flake, still imbedded in stone, or jewelry? I know it is pretty impossible to find 24k gold jewelry. I have a pair of earings and ring that are 22k. Silver is silver.

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Gold jewelery is part nickel, not pure gold.
So value is lower than that of pure ingot of gold.

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A while back in Japan it was trendy to sprinkle incredibly thin pure gold flakes on top of fancy chocolate cake. – and eat it . You could buy some at a high end bakery.
Here is some chocolate covered with 24k edible gold flakes.

Here is an example of edible gold flake. and edible silver flake

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I have a gram of silver sitting on my keyboard.

It was printed incorrectly, so I can’t use it in the stuff I make for work. If I could teleport it to you, you could have it. ^_^

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@Inspired_2write Isn’t that what I said?

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@talljasperman If you want it, I’ll mail this thing to you. It’s .999 pure silver

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@Seek_Kolinahr You are the best! I wish I could give you more than one GA!

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