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Is STFU going to have online multiplayer?

Asked by Dwaldo50 (9points) September 13th, 2008

not just campaign.

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lol, stfu.

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AH HAHAHAH Greatest acronym ever. STFU ^_^

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ah, nothing better to get the laughing muscles flowing

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On a more serious note, what does STFU refer to in this instance?

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Judging by the tags, a star wars video game?

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The Force Unleashed, perhaps?

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Hmmm, but wouldn’t it be SW**?

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One would think.

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i think they thought star wars was one word so like Starwars The Force Unleased. STFU

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Shut the fuck up guys!

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A quick google seems to say there will be no multiplayer for xbox 360. This is because there will be multi for DS, Wii, and the psp.

Try google next time.

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Insiders tip says they plan to release a multi-player patch for Xbox360 late in 2009 but its extremely hush hush… supposedly….

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