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MSc In Information and Communication Technology From Anglia Ruskin University?

Asked by Faizanhaider (4points) 1 week ago

What are the reviews for this course as in Career wise?

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If nobody’s answering it probably means that no one is familiar with that program or that school. Is it in Britain? Maybe look for reviews on a more Anglo-oriented site.

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It’s also unclear what you meant by “reviews” or “as in Career wise”?

The most I would expect we could answer, unless someone here just happens to have personal info on that program (very small chance that’s the case), would be we do a Google search of your question title and maybe “review career prospects” or something, and see if there happens to be such an article, and read it…. which seems like something that you could do too (though I wouldn’t expect to find such a specialized article anyway), which would seem to make more sense.

I would also comment that I don’t think it’s really likely, that even if there were more than one article to read on the subject I expect you’re asking about, about the relative merits for prospective careers of graduates of that specific program compared to others… I would expect the practical usefulness of such articles to be near-zero.

Career success tends to mostly be about the specific student.

However, looking up that university on the web, I noticed one thing that, if I were considering going there, I would look further into, which is the “complaints” header on its Wikipedia page… which tends to make me wonder whether there are some issues there.

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@Zaku if the OP is from Asia, then I can totally understand why he asked this kind of question. It’s a very common questions of people here. They want a college that will guarantee them a job and apply from there. They don’t have the same “career success depends on the student” mindset as you.

Fun fact: because of that mindset, you are likely to hear a lot of talk around high school playground about which career/college is hot at the moment. And that pushes students to enter certain majors/colleges en mass. And the result is dissatisfaction in learning, college hopping, unemployment rate and too many potential employees of one major.

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