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What are some of your favorite music videos?

Asked by rockfan (13103points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I just watched the music video for Adele’s brand new song “Easy on Me” and it blew me away. Not only do I like the song and the lyrics, but it quite possibly has the best cinematography I’ve ever seen in a music video:

I also really enjoy Ashe’s “Till Forever Falls Apart”. The interpretive ballroom swing dancing in the middle of the desert is so unexpectedly wholesome:

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Nomore_lockout's avatar Some Beach Somewhere Blake Shelton

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Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al
There’s a lot going ion in the video.
Paul Simon did not like the original serious video for the song. Being a big fan of Saturday Night Live he agreed to work with Lorne Michaels and Chevy Chase to poke fun at the early music video genre.

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Jon Bonjovi Jump

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Oldie but goodie: Talking Heads Once in a Lifetime.

UNKLE Rabbit in Your Headlights

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The less I know the better- Tame Impala

Adore you- Harry Styles

Acid Rain- Lore

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Peter Gabriel had a lot of fun videos, but Don’t Give Up was breathtaking in its beauty. A single shot. An eclipse in the background. Peter G. and Kate Bush on a turntable rotating for their vocals. Even the video comments show how it saved people from suicide.

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TLC, Chasing Waterfalls. Great lyrics and choreography.

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My absolute favorite recently
Annie Ross with Count Basie – Twisted

Rolling Stones fans (and everybody else on Earth) should like this:
11-Year-Old Billy Preston & Nat ‘King’ Cole – Blueberry Hill 1957

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As a kid, I was obsessed with the music video for A-Ha – Take On Me

The jumping in and out of comic books kind of blew my comic-reading nerd brain.

Also, you got to love the dancing chickens in the music video for Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer

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@product Psst…both of your links go to the same video.

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A new one that I love is Jon Batiste Freedom:

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I think I might be a bit dramatic:

Taylor Swift: Look What You Made Me Do
Meatloaf: I Would Do Anything For Love
George Michael: Freedom ‘90

Probably my absolute favorite is Ok Go’s Here It Goes Again

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Mumford & Sons, Hopeless Wanderer

I like the band and the actors/comedians in the video are some of my favorites.

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Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart- People Get Ready

Not only does it feature one of my all-time favorite guitar works, it also visually portrays a journey to a reunion between two of my favorite artists.

When I see the looks of delight expressed by the young women at the train station as they watch Stewart walk by, it seems that they’re feeling the same joy I do when I watch it.

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Visually speaking, I really like Ghostbusters.

The visuals are so colorful and energetic, and I like trying to guess who the cameo celebrities are. I think the one at 1:25 is Irene Cara.

The woman who enters the house that’s “haunted” by Ray Parker looks familiar, but all I know is that she’s not Crystal Bernard.

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